Tactical Assist: Dark Souls Boss Guide (Or Just Hints and Tips)

I’ll fully admit here and now that I’m not even close to the end of Dark Souls.  I haven’t seen all of the bosses it has to offer.  So while I may not be able to help you with every boss in the game, I’m going to try to offer at the very least, some tips and tricks I used to conquer the bosses I have come across.  We all know that Dark Souls is truly difficult and unapologetic, but there’s just something about it that makes you want to keep playing.  Even after you experience death after death.  It really is amazing.

Ready to hand out some brutal justice to the games bosses?  Check out my tips below the jump:

Asylum Demon
Tips: The first guy and toughest challenge you have to face in the game to this point, this guy really isn’t all that bad.  When you first encounter him, you’ll want to run to a door that’s behind him.  You can certainly try to fight him but the fact that you have terrible gear stacks the odds highly in the Asylum Demon’s favor.  Don’t worry, you’ll meet up with him again.

If you’re an agile character like a thief, wanderer, or pyromancer feel free to strike quickly and dodge.  Remember to be patient as the game will punish you for button mashing.  If you’re a bigger guy like a Knight, you’re going to want to stay just outside of its reach and continue to circle strafe around.  His swings are massive and slow so as long as you use your shield, continue to move, and strike when you see an opening, you should make it out alive. 

Also, if you’re a Pyromancer, let loose with the fireballs.

Taurus Demon
Tips: The biggest thing to remember with this battle is to kill the skeleton archers on top of the tower behind you as you come through the white mist.  If you don’t take them out, they will make your life hell as you’ll have to take them into consideration in addition to the giant hulking minotaur.  Climb the ladder on the right, take out the skeletons, slide back down and run half way until you trigger the boss fight.  Now sprint back to the ladder, climb up, and leap down and press the attack button as you hit the demon.  This will inflict massive damage. 

At this point you should really sprint away from him and lead him to the other side.  Do your best to get around him and run back to the ladder.  Repeat the process for an easy win.  Otherwise you can use Pine Resin on your weapon as he’s weak to lightning based damage as well.

Alternate method: If you’re feeling brave, you can actually kill this thing without swinging your weapon once.  It’ll take great timing and patience, but if you can lead him over to an opening in the bridge, he can actually charge you and fall right off the side.  It’s pretty tricky to do and you may suffer a few deaths trying to pull it off, but it is a sure-fire way to win.

Armored Boar
Tips: Ok, while not a real “boss”, this one can still be a pain so I decided to include this one as well.  You can certainly try to go one on one with him but honestly, I wouldn’t recommend that.  Slowly enter this area by first pulling the skeletons roaming around.  This will prevent many cheap hits and deaths.  On the right side, you should see a stair case leading up.  Again, clear out the skeletons and archers here.  From this upper bridge, you can actually do ranged damage on him providing you have spells or a bow.  You can also use the “Alluring Skull” you found on the corpse up there to lure him over underneath the bridge and to a jumping fierce attack which may one hit kill him.

If you don’t have these things, you’ll have to try to lead him into the huge pyres as he takes huge damage from the back in his unarmored section.  Try to get him to charge at you and dive out of the way so he goes right into the fire.

Bell Gargoyles
Tips: If you want an easier time, make sure you’re in human form when you get to them.  You’ll be able to summon or call for help from another player.  Another key thing to remember is when you knock the health of the first gargoyle down halfway, a second one joins the fight as well and begins to breathe fire. 

Biggest tip here would be to use the angled roof to your advantage!  While it’s not fool-proof, most of the time, their attacks won’t hit you because of the angle.  Keep moving during this fight, avoid attacks by blocking or dodging, punish them when they miss, and avoid the fire!  Remember to damage the tail of the first gargoyle for a sweet great axe.  If you’re feeling cocky, you can try to hit the second gargoyle in the face enough times to break it and gain a sweet helm.  Again, it’s risky considering that this one breathes fire.

Tips: This big guy is located in the basement of the spiral stair tower on the way to the Taurus Demon in the Undead Burg.  I know this because I accidentally ran into this terrifying creature and he relentlessly followed me until he killed me.  If you’re prepared for him, he can be beaten.  His biggest flaw is the fact that he’s incredibly slow and leaves himself open during his attack animations.  Just keep circle strafing closely around him, try to backstab him and avoid that club at all costs.  He can easily one shot you if he lands a blow.  Your price will be a heap of souls and a very nice ring that will substantially increase your ability to hold more items in your backpack.

Titanite Demon
Tips: Again, not technically a big boss, but certainly a noteworthy fight the first time you meet up with him in the basement of the Undead Parish past the blacksmith.  He’ll constantly shoot lightning at you if you keep your distance.  The attacks are easily spotted and can be avoided by simply moving left or right.  It has long-range with its staff like weapon and whip like tail, and has a leap attack that’s slow but powerful when you get closer.  Make sure you keep your shield up because a staff attack is usually followed up by a tail swipe.  Keep moving around the creature, attack when you have an opening, dodge away from the leap attack and soon enough it’ll fall. 

You can manipulate the fight by going to the stair case behind it as all attacks except for the leap attack can’t hit you if you’re lower than it on the stairs.  The attacks will go over your head.  Always keep moving!

Alternate Strategy:
If you have a bow, there is a downed pillar in the room that you can stand behind and continue firing arrows. His lightning attacks will be blocked by the pillar every single time.  Please note that you’ll probably need a ton of arrows to take him down, but at least this way he won’t move and if positioned correctly, he can’t hurt you.

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2 Responses to Tactical Assist: Dark Souls Boss Guide (Or Just Hints and Tips)

  1. Jonneyfive says:

    Another thing yo can add is that if you are by the staircase there is a pit like thing with fire, stand on the stairs and point and laugh while he literally will commit sicide by reramming this over and over again.

  2. Hayley says:

    It’s fantastic that you are getting thoughts from this article as well as from our discussion made here.

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