Come Learn About Halo Anniversary’s Kinect Functionality

Previously left vague and confusing, 343 and Microsoft finally unveiled at New York Comic Con just how Kinect is going to be integrated into the upcoming Halo: Anniversary.  Don’t worry, you won’t be able to play the game using just Kinect, but I have to admit, they have some pretty cool supporting ideas.

First up, in what seems to be similar to what Bioware is doing in Mass Effect 3, you’re able to say certain words and have Master Chief react to them.  For example, saying “Reload” will automatically have your character reload their weapon and saying “Grenade” will have the Chief throw out a grenade.  Now you’ll just have to find a way to stop your jerk friends from yelling “Grenade” while you playing and have errant explosives and expletives being thrown out.  Yeah, laugh it up.

The second, and arguably coolest use of Kinect with Halo: Anniversary, is called “Analyze Mode”.  When in “Anniversary Mode”, you know, the one with fancy upgraded graphics, you’ll be able to use voice commands to have the game analyze and scan the game world.  Enemies or characters that are scanned will be placed into a menu option known as “The Library” filled to the brim with information, data and an impressive 3D model.  Now you can make Master Chief act like Samus Aran!  Very cool optional mode for sure.  Oh, I should also mention that this mode isn’t available to non-Kinect players. 

So all in all, it looks like 343 is working really hard to make this a fantastic love letter to Halo fans everywhere.  After being skeptical about the Kinect inclusion, I’ll fully admit that I stand corrected.  Being able to analyze things int he world and then get detailed information about them just sounds extremely cool.  Halo Waypoint is going to post the video later today sometime and if I can get my grubby hands on it, I’ll post it for sure.

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