Rumorville: Next Generation Xbox Underway?

It seems like this rumor has been gaining a ton of steam lately.  Now, we obviously know that sooner or later Microsoft and Sony will get around to putting out newer consoles than what we have now.  It’s inevitable.  To put it into perspective, the Xbox 360 has been around since 2005.  Crazy to think how much time has passed and how far technology has come since then.

With that said, lets take a look at the recent rumors floating around about the 360s successor, unofficially dubbed the Xbox 720.

Upcoming Hugh Jackman flick about the old school child’s game Rock ’em, Sock ’em Robots (ok, not really but doesn’t it look similar?  I really want to see one of the robots heads shoot up when it’s KO’d), recently showed off a screenshot where the logo for Xbox 720 is clearly visible among the other advertisements in the stadium.  Now do we really think Microsoft would not be aware of any Xbox branding?  Kind of reminds me of the time Sony allowed a Resistance 3 ad to be used in Battle: Los Angeles even before they or Insomniac announced the game.

Here’s the screenshot in question:

The next bit of news comes from Xbox World magazine.  In the issue, they reveal that Remedy is indeed working on Alan Wake 2, only it’ll be for the next Xbox and not the 360.  They also go on to add that other developers like Turn 10, Lionhead, and other Microsoft friendly devs are hard at work on games for the upcoming console.  Interestingly enough, they also mention that Rare is also prototyping ideas for a new mature title for the console as well.  Could be interesting to see what Rare can do away from the kid friendly/Kinect section of the market.  I’d love to see them revive some old franchises like Perfect Dark or Killer Instinct for example. 

With these rumors beginning to swirl, it makes you wonder when Microsoft will finally drop the news that we all know to be coming sooner or later.  Though more likely, they’ll make us wait until next years E3 event.

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