Gears of War 3 DLC 1 – Horde Command Pack Announced

Can’t get enough Gears of War 3?  I honestly don’t blame you as I’m loving the game myself.  With the promise of waves of DLC incoming, Epic has finally announced the first for November 1 at 800 MS points. 


This DLC focuses mainly on the multiplayer side of things, introducing more characters, 3 new maps, and upgraded fortifications.

Blood Drive – Jacinto Medical Facility, making a return from Gears of War 2
Azura – Highly secretive island resort reserved for the educated elite
Rustlung – Decommissioned battleship with a mechsuit up for grabs in the very exposed middle

Onyx COG
Big Rig Dizzy
Bernie Mataki

New Fortifications:
Command Center – Allows you to call in fire support from snipers, mortars, or Hammer of Dawn teams.
Decoy Upgrade – Turns this into an Onyx Bot that will now fight back
Sentry Upgrade – Damage increase makes it more deadly especially to Berserkers
Silverback Upgrade – Extra levels of repair cost reduction and rockets

New Weapon Skins:
Team Plasma (insert Pokemon joke here)
Jungle Camo

While this chunk of content doesn’t have me floored with excitement, it’s still nice to see the game gaining more stuff.  Personally, I can’t wait to see what else Epic has up their sleeves as they’ve made mention in the past about taking inspiration from Gearbox and the huge DLC chunks they released for Borderlands.  I’ve also heard rumors about new single player content with a whole new crew, which has me very curious.  Like I mentioned, I can’t wait to see what’s next for the game.

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