Stay Awhile and Watch! Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Footage Surfaces

It still does feel like an eternity until Diablo III hits store shelves and Blizzard does very little to satiate our thirst, mainly just dripping screenshots to us here and there.  True, it’s quite a large tease, but thankfully, the gang over at Force Strategy are here to provide us with some water for our large thirst for information.  They’ve managed to put together nearly 4 minutes of actual gameplay footage of Diablo III running in it’s beta build.

The video details a bunch of leaked screenshots and shows off footage of the character selection screen.  Not a ton of new information here, but I have to admit that it’s damn nice to actually see anything Diablo related.  Plus it’s cool to see the character selection screen and the male/female options for each of the five classes.  It still looks very Diabloish to me and I’m very excited about that.  Hopefully the beta is closer than I think it’s going to be.

I went ahead and did the heavy lifting for you by providing the video down below the jump.  Check it out for yourself and let the pains of anticipation subside.  At least for a short while…

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