15 Minutes of Awesome: Borderlands 2

As much as I loved Borderlands (seriously, it’s worth a purchase), it’s upcoming sequel just looks lightyears better.  Recently at this year’s PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington, the good folks at Gearbox held a panel showing off part of the game.  Unfortunately, for people like you and me who couldn’t be there, the footage was never shown outside of that room.  Also, Gearbox and 2K Games decided to give everyone in attendance that day a free copy of the game when it releases.  Talk about bad luck for those who couldn’t make it!

Our luck seems to have changed a bit however, as a brave and valiant person managed to record the entire gameplay segment shown off during the Borderlands 2 panel and upload it for our enjoyment.  You’ll see the fantastic art style, vibrant colors, and Salvador the Gunzerker.  Funny thing is, his skill is being able to dual wield any two weapons in the game, yet they don’t bother to show it off, opting to continue using one gun at a time.  I will say that the variety and gun models already look extremely good.

Enough with my ramblings though, lets get to the good stuff shall we?  Since this probably isn’t authorized by 2K, there’s no telling if/when this video will be pulled so I’d advise you to watch it sooner than later.

Video is after the jump…


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