Uh Oh! Programming Errors and Other Famous Glitches

With The Behemoth recently releasing title update 2 for their RPG Brawler, Castle Crashers, and making the rumored fan favorite character, The Pink Knight, a reality, I began to wonder about other cool glitches and rumors in games.  I still find it amazing how a small glitch or a programming mistake with a game can spark a rumor that eventually may become reality or develop a cult following.  With that said, lets take a look at some popular glitches in games. 

List is below the break:

Donkey Kong Kill Screen
Made famous recently in the film, King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters, this glitch occurs when you’ve basically played longer than the game has memory for.  Basically what happens is that you’ll be able to play for a few seconds and then suddenly the Mario character will appear on the left side of the burning barrel.  At this point, Mario dies on you as the game did not calculate the timer correctly during game play due to a miscalculation in the code.  It usually occurs on the 22nd stage in the 117th screen.
Probably more famous now for his famous quote than actually his playing skill, how can we forget this gem from Brian Kuh:

Mortal Kombat Characters
Did you know, some of these characters were created from popular glitches reported in by fans?  Here’s a few:

Skarlet – Recently brought to life for 2011’s Mortal Kombat, Skarlet was actually first reported in a glitch that occurred within Mortal Kombat II.  Thought to originally had been a secret character in MKII, Skarlet was actually a glitch that caused Kitana to be red rather than her normal blue.  Ed Boon has recently come out to deny that the glitch existed, chalking this up to urban legend.
Ermac – Everyone’s favorite red palette swapped ninja, Ermac actually began as speculation in the very first Mortal Kombat.  Faithful players noticed the word “ERMACS” listed in the developer menu for the game and began to wonder if this was a new character hidden somewhere. In truth, Ermac is short for Error Macro, which is created by developers to catch and report coding issues.  He was again teased in Mortal Kombat II, and made a full fledged character un Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.
Blaze -First seen in the background of The Pit II in MKII, Blaze started life as a palette swap of Liu Kang covered in flames.  The dubbed him “Torch” but couldn’t use it because of Marvel’s copyrights on anything that was similar to “The Human Torch”. 

Diablo Duplicating items/ Diablo 2 Cow Level
I’m a huge fan of the Diablo series and for those of you that have played them, I’m sure you’ve come across this method being performed in towns. Many people were able to perfect this technique on high level or rare items and then make a literal fortune on selling them.  I’m sure you’ve come across someone selling a pile of Stone of Jordan rings, one of the better ones available in the game.  It’s such a rare item that by having even more than 1 was suspicious.  It was fairly easy to do in Diablo 1, you just needed good timing in order to turn potions into the item you were duplicating, but required multiple computers to pull off effectively in D2. 

Red Dead Redemption – Cougar-man!
What’s scarier than coming across an angry cougar in the wilds of Red Dead?  How about a man-cougar hybrid?!  It seems that the engine got confused and melded a human skin over the cougar body resulting in a horrifying yet hilarious creature.  There were also reports of the game doing this to birds, donkeys and snakes as well.  Want to see the horror for yourself?  Check this video out(minor-swearing):

Grand Theft Auto 4 – Demonic Swingset
While I can imagine creating an open world game and being able to account for all issues in said game is a wildly difficult thing to do, it can lead sometimes to amazing outcomes.  Take for example, this GTA 4 glitch where putting a car up to it and accelerating into the swing set will send it spazzing and then flying through the air like it was shot out of a cannon.  I’ve also heard of a few other glitches including helicopters and airplanes doing breakdance style spins on the airport runway.  Go google it, it’s extremely funny.

Pokemon Red/Blue – MissingNo
We’re going back a little ways with this one.  First seen in Pokemon Blue/Red for the Gameboy and is one of the best known “glitch Pokemon” in the series.  This is probably because it’s extremely easy to find in the game.  Short for “Missing Number”, this Pokemon looks like a scrambled picture and were originally used as error handlers by the developer.  Players could find it by watching an in-game tutorial of how to capture Pokemon, use the Fly technique to head to the Cinnabar Islands and then use Surf to go up and down the eastern shore until MissingNo appeared.  Interestingly enough, this glitch Pokemon also caused another glitch in which the 6th item in the player’s inventory would be mass replicated.  MissingNo could be captured, used in battle, and traded like any other normal Pokemon.

World of Warcraft – Corrupted Blood Plague
I’m sure you’ve heard about this one.  Back in 2005, Blizzard added in a new dungeon into their wildly popular MMO, World of Warcraft.  The end boss, Hakkar, had a debuff spell that drained the player’s health and could spread to the other members in their party, which he would cast on players who battled him.  The spell was only intended to last a few seconds and within the dungeon of Zul’Gurub.  Players who were afflicted with the spell, discovered that they were able to teleport out of the dungeon and soon, the debuff began spreading across the virtual landscape like a real-world plague.  Quickly turning into an epidemic as lower level characters died off and higher level characters changed their gameplay habits to avoid infection, once populous cities were ghost towns and bodies were scattered everywhere.  Quarantine zones were set up by programmers to try to prevent further infection.  Strangely enough, the virtual world started to model real world behaviors as some characters with healing abilities volunteered their services, some lower-level characters tried to direct people away from infected zones, characters would change gameplay habits to avoid infected areas, and some characters attempted to spread the disease to others.  The glitch and pandemic were finally fixed after a large number of patches and resets.

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