Rumor: Nintendo 3DS Under Going More Changes

File this one in the rumor mill.  It seems as though Nintendo isn’t completely satisfied with the Nintendo 3DS.  After releasing to lower sales than originally projected and slashing the $250 price tag by 80 bucks only a couple of weeks ago, Nintendo is still searching for ways to help out the system.  Looks like the sales still aren’t up to snuff.

Rumor has it that Nintendo is back in the development shop, this time making physical changes to their new handheld.  The biggest change will be the addition of a second circle pad.  It’s been suggested that not having two for its release was a regret by the company but one they felt was necessary at the time because they wanted to beat Sony before they could release the Playstation Vita.  If you ask me, I think they had more time than they thought they would.

This new version of the 3DS is taking aim at a 2012 release window and surprisingly will tone down the 3D hype that was the cornerstone to its original marketing plan.  It’ll still be there for use, so don’t worry about them removing it or anything.  I just find it so ironic that Nintendo made such a huge deal about 3D without glasses and now it’s basically abandoning all of that marketing completely.  I will admit, it seems like cool technology, but apparently, people don’t really care all that much.  I love my DS, but for whatever reason I just have no desire to run out and grab the 3DS.  In a world of mobile smartphones capable of giving you what you need when you need it quickly, maybe the days of the handheld gaming device are winding down. 

Speaking of 3D, hearing this makes me wonder how well Sony’s 3D TV ideals are doing.  I’d imagine 3D just isn’t as mainstream yet as the big companies would want us to believe.  It’ll be interesting to see what direction Nintendo actually goes in with the 3DS in the future.

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