Sony Introduces Their Own “Summer of Arcade” with PLAY

Jumping on the summer promotion train, Sony has taken a page out of Microsoft’s handbook with Playstation Network PLAY.  Starting on August 23 and running until September 15, PSN users will be getting four higher quality games to download. 

Now, before you accuse me of fanboyism, lets take a look at the similarities, shall we?  Sony is offering 4 higher profile games in a short time span and also put a fancy name on it (an arguably dumber in my opinion).  Not only that, if you purchase all 4 games, you’ll get the upcoming PSN exclusive, Payday: The Heist, for free.  One sticking point is that you’ll have to be at least 18 years old to download it from Sony, otherwise you can just grab it for (a hefty) 20 bucks.  Now see where I’m coming from?

Sony does have a couple of differences from its competition however.  Playstation Plus subscribers will get a 20% discount when they purchase, you’re also able to pre-order these games, and you’ll even get free in-game DLC with purchase.  Nothing extreme, but it’s still cool that they’re giving away content with a purchase.  Here’s the kicker though.  Currently, there’s no word if these 4 games are exclusive to Sony for a period of time like Microsoft does with their Summer of Arcade games. 

Here’s the schedule:
August 23 – Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition ($15)
August 30 – The Baconing ($15)
September 16 (1 day delay) – Bloodrayne: Betrayal ($15)
September 15 – Renegade Ops ($15)

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2 Responses to Sony Introduces Their Own “Summer of Arcade” with PLAY

  1. fazor3d says:

    I don’t know; I’m not really excited about any of these titles though. Summer of Arcade had ‘Bastion’, which was probably the most talked about downloadable title at E3 and ‘From Dust’ which had a pre-release excitement similar to ‘Journey’. I wasn’t excited about it going in, but ITSP is a top-tier Arcade title. I just downloaded Toy Soldiers but haven’t had a chance to play it (can’t talk about it yet anyway), but if it’s anything like the first one, it’ll be fun. ‘Fruit Ninja’ is sort of a throw-away in my books, and not just because I don’t have a Kinect. I don’t know much about ‘Crimson Alliance’

    It got some flak, but I think that’s a fairly solid list. I know people have been raving about ‘The Baconing’, and I’m sure the other titles are good, but I just don’t feel as excited about them.

    • gamercrash says:

      Yup, have to agree with you there. Those 4 titles don’t really spark any excitement in me at the moment. Though I did see a pretty sweet gameplay video of Renegade Ops. Looks like a cross between the destruction of a Mercenaries game, mixed with a little Just Cause and a dual stick shooter. Could be promising.

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