Tactical Assist – Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Red Hat Locations

Having trouble finding all of those pesky Red Hats in Lego Pirates?  Look no further as this Tactical Assist is focusing squarely on giving you the information needed to track them down.  Unlike previous Lego entries where the red bricks were hidden in the specific levels, the Red Hats in this game can all be found in the hub world of Port Royal.  Obviously, you won’t be able to get them all in one go as you’ll need specific characters and locations to open before you can unlock these special cheats.  Also, make sure you bring loads of Lego studs because they can be pretty pricey.

The tips and locations for all 20 are found below the break…

Red Hat 1: Disguises
Like to wear special moustached glasses?  This red hat is for you then.  Costing a small 25,000 studs, you’ll find this one near the tower in the right section of Port Royal.  All you need to do is to light the explosive barrel up near the tower and this red hat will appear.

Red Hat 2: Fast Dig
Tired of taking forever to dig out an object?  All you’ll need is 24 gold bricks and 50,000 studs.  Head all the way to the left section of Port Royal and assemble the gold bridge switch leading to the Hut.  After raising the bridge with a barrel, this red hat will make an appearance for you.

Red Hat 3: Fast Forge
For 75,000 studs, you’ll be able to repair objects very quickly.  Head to the tower section in the right side of Port Royal and grab a character that can repair objects like Mr. Brown or Mr. Gibbs.  At the very end of the docks you’ll need to repair the crane.  Once complete, the red hat is yours to purchase!

Red Hat 4: Extra Toggle
Back on the left side of Port Royal, head up the stairs of the building and you’ll see a silver lock on the door there.  Grab a character that’s good with explosives such as Marty or Jacoby and blow off that lock.  For 100,000 studs, this hat can now be yours.

Red Hat 5: Fast Build
If you want to assemble Lego pieces at the speed of light, check this hat out.  You’ll need 32 gold bricks first to assemble an elevator in front of the tower on the right side of Port Royal.  Destroy the crate, rebuild it, use the wheel and ride the elevator to the top of the lighthouse there.  This hat will cost you 125,000 studs.

Red Hat 6: Character Treasure
Inside the tavern in the left side of Port Royal, you’ll see three silver kegs behind the bar.  Take an explosives character such as Jacoby or Marty and destroy them.  This hat will cost you 150,000 Lego studs.  Now your enemies will drop more studs!

Red Hat 7: Fall Rescue
Yes, the platforming is a bit tricky in this game, believe me, I’ve suffered many unfortunate jumping deaths.  Nothing quite as frustrating as getting a cheap death and losing your studs.  If you shoot the tree targets in front of the Tavern on the left side of Port Royal, this hat can be purchased for 175,000 studs. 

Red Hat 8: Treasure Magnet
One of the more useful cheats in the game, Lego studs will now come to you like a magnet.  If you have 14 gold bricks, then head to the beach area in the main center part of Port Royal.  On the left side of the beach, you’ll be able to build a sand castle out of the bricks.  Destroy it to make the red hat appear for 225,000 studs.

Red Hat 9: Breathe Underwater
Don’t feel like you have enough time underwater?  This hat may help. You’ll need an explosives character who is able to walk underwater.  Swimming characters will not work for this.  Under the dock un the main section of Port Royal, you’ll see three silver locks.  You’ll need to blow these up to make the hat appear.  It’ll set you back 250,000 studs.

Red Hat 10: Regenerate Hearts
Before you’ll seek this one out, you’ll need at least 24 gold bricks.  Head back to the beach area like you did for the Treasure Magnet hat, only this time build up the sand castle on the right side of the beach.  Now break that sand castle and for only 275,000 studs, you’ll be able to buy this.

Red Hat 11: Red Hat Finder
Rendered obsolete by this here handy guide, you’ll still need this one if you want the achievement.  Grab Jack Sparrow and use his compass to find this red hat.  Head to the left side of Port Royal and use his compass.  Once the flowers pop up, destroy them all and for 300,000 studs, you can grab this hat.

Red Hat 12: Minikit Finder
Head back to the beach in the main area of Port Royal.  You’ll see a big red crab running around.  Follow it until it gets tired and hop on for a ride.  Soon the red hat will appear above a rock for only 400,000 studs.  Now those hidden minikits won’t stand a chance!

Red Hat 13: Extra Hearts
Feel like 4 hearts just isn’t enough?  For a big health boost, head back to the beach with the good Captain Jack, use his compass to locate a shovel and the box of bombs.  Take a bomb, head back to the right side of the beach and lob them at the silver barrel under the water.  Alternatively you could grab someone like Jacoby to walk underwater and blow it up.  This will raise a couple of wooden platforms.  Now you’ll need to use a female character to double jump onto a couple of green ledges.  You can nab this hat for 500,000 studs.

Red Hat 14: Always Double Treasure
For a big Lego stud boost, use the cannons right near the entrance of the Tavern side of Port Royal.  You’ll see three targets out in the sea so blow them up using the cannons.  This hat can be yours for only 600,000 studs.

Red Hat 15: Invincibility
Taking one to many hits and losing all those studs you works so hard for?  Defy death by grabbing this red hat. I hope you have Blackbeard unlocked because you’ll need him.  Head over to the Hut on the left side of the Tavern section of Port Royal.  Once inside, you’ll see a chest with a skull on it tucked away on the left side of the hut.  Use Blackbeard’s special ability to break it open.  This hat will set you back 1 million studs.

Red Hat 16: Treasure x2
To double your take of the studs, you’ll need to head back to the beach area of Port Royal and quickly jump on the 5 wooden posts there.  Once complete, the red hat will appear for 500,000 studs.

Red Hat 17: Treasure x4
To make this hat appear, grab Blackbeard and use his ability on the skull door near the tavern on the left section of Port Royal.  Once inside, switch to a mermaid and use the “sing” ability to shatter the aquarium glass in there.  This red hat will cost you 1 million studs.

Red Hat 18:  Treasure x6
Back in the tavern section of Port Royal, head over to where the well is.  To make this red hat appear, you’ll need to hit all of the grey containers twice each.  This one will hit your wallet with a 1.5 million stud price tag.

Red Hat 19: Treasure x8
Back over at the hut on the left side of the tavern section of Port Royal, you’re going to want to head back inside.  Once inside, look for a cage with a white rabbit inside.  Smash it up and the red hat will appear.  You can purchase it for only 2 million studs.

Red Hat 20: Treasure x10
You can nab this one for a low, low cost of 2.5 million studs.  Head back to the lighthouse and use the elevator there to get to the top of the tower.  Once up on the very top, use the spyglass to find a person on the distant island.  You’re now going to want to follow him around and watch him as he digs up 3 different spots.  Once complete, the final red hat will appear for you.

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