Nintendo Wii: Lame Duck Console

Just as a president becomes a Lame Duck after an election, it seems to me that the once mighty Nintendo Wii has all but fallen off of the radar in a similar fashion.  Yes, there are still a couple big games left like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and that Kirby Wii game but realistically, there’s not much else.  If you’re a one console owner, you have to be pretty pissed about this.

I used to be a big Nintendo fan.  I owned every console they put out prior to the Wii and I never had a need for anything else.  It helped that third-party games came out for all the systems back then so I still got to play what my friends were playing.  I could always go over their house to catch up on other things I may have missed so it wasn’t bad at all. 

Cut to the Wii.  Maybe it’s because the Wii doesn’t use a traditional input method like the PS3 or 360, but for the most part, the Wii is like a distant island, all by itself, in terms of companies not bothering to develop much for it anymore.  Part of this can be attributed to Nintendo’s cool relationship tactics with third-party studios, but that’s an article for a different day.  Many Wii only gamers have not had a chance to play nearly any of the great games available out there and for the most part, the Wii can’t hold a candle to it’s HD brethren.  With Nintendo’s recent announcement of the Wii U and all of the hype and excitement moving over to that, the Wii has been seemingly left in the dust. 

Don’t believe me?  This past week, I was rummaging around release date lists and for fun I figured I’d see what was on the way for the Wii.  I knew Skyward Sword is still due, but I hadn’t heard of much else.  Turns out, that’s because there’s really not much to report on outside of games like “Pony Adventures” or “Nicktoons” games.  What else was there?  Not much, that’s for sure. 

It seems to me that the Wii has been left behind by Nintendo and other developers for greener pastures.  I just find it amazing to think how far the console has fallen from where it has been.  I wonder if it’s just that the Wii really was a fad and it has finally worn off, or if Nintendo really did botch/hinder it’s lifespan by undercutting it with the Wii U announcement and the lack of games.  Maybe it’s a little of both.

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