PAX East 2011: Red Faction Armageddon Ruin Mode Hands On

I really was surprised to see Red Faction and it’s decked out booth at PAX East.  Believe me, it was a welcomed surprise.  I’ve been curious about Armageddon and how the game has changed since it’s now linear because I was a big fan of Guerrilla.  Unfortunately, the demo would not answer any of my questions.  Fortunately though, the demo was insanely fun.  So much so that I went back to play it 4 more times.

Recently announced prior to the expo, Ruin mode takes Wrecking Crew from Red Faction Guerrilla and tweaks it a bit.  THQ and Volition brought this with them to show off and even provide some challenges to the players.  End up with the high score and you’d walk away with a pretty sweet Red Faction Armageddon iPad.  Break the 10 million mark and you’d score a very cool shirt.  Lady Luck wasn’t on my side however, as I accomplished neither.  I did manage to improve each time ending with over 8 million points on my fourth play.

Quite simply, Ruin gives you 1 minute and unlimited ammo to just destroy every single man made object possible.  Keep explosions going to score a multiplier bonus.  If you beat the par time on the map, you’re given a small (15 sec) time bonus to continue your rampage.  You start each round selecting 4 weapons from a list, each being mapped to the d-pad.  My favorites include the plasma cannon, plasma beam, and a black hole style gun.  The plasma beam is a charge weapon that unleashes a laser that disintigrates everything it touches.  Think about a hot knife going through butter.  I used that to undercut a water style tower on a hill only to see it come crashing down on a building below.  The Nano Rifle also makes it’s return and is as fun to use as ever.  Disintigrating objects never felt so good.

So how did I do then?  I lost track of the time my first run and ended with a pathetic 1.8 million points.  I managed to redeem myself the next time with 3 million, then up to 5, and finally ending at 8+.  The people at the booth recognized me by the last 2 runs as I guess I visited them often.  Hey, what can I say.  Destruction is awesome.

Ruin mode is a fast paced, fun, and addictive game mode.  I’m looking forward to learning more about it as we approach the May release date.  I’m going to keep an eye on this one.

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