PAX East Update: Expo Hall Map Revealed!

Exciting news for those of you heading to Boston for the Penny Arcade Expo this year!  The PA guys finally unveiled the expo hall map so know we can get a good look at who’s actually attending this year.

Right off the bat, you can already tell that the overall scale is much larger than it was last year.  I’m also guessing that due to the overwhelming success of last year’s event, more companies have signed on.  This year we’ll be seeing the likes of Valve, Sony, THQ, Warner Brothers and many others in addition to the guys from last year.  Curiously, EA leads the way with 5 total booths, while 2K Games, and Microsoft clock in at 3 each.  Also be on the look out for Ubisoft, Nintendo, and Bethesda in addition to a slew of smaller companies and tech groups.

While we don’t have an official games list, I’d expect to see games like Rage, Brink, Portal 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Homefront, and a ton more on the show floor.  This year is already shaping up to be quite amazing, and if you haven’t got your tickets yet, what are you waiting for?!?!  Supplies are limited!  In the weeks leading up to the show, I’ll have much, much more for you guys, so keep checking back.  Pax East 2011 begins March 11.

Here’s the map link: (pdf reader needed)

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