Finally, Some InFamous 2 News….Maybe

Dear Sucker Punch,

You guys are making this wait for the much-anticipated follow-up to my favorite PS3 game (no disrespect to Uncharted) very hard.  It’s almost like you’ve gone silent on me.  I’m starving for some news over here!  Thankfully, someone had a mental lapse for a brief moment and posted some interesting information about a certain “Hero Edition” up on Amazon.  Unfortunately, the mistake was quickly fixed and the post brought down, but not before some eagle-eyed readers got the details and a potential release date. 

First things first, I’m hoping the May 24 release date is true.  With the amount of AAA content coming out in the Fall and Holiday season, what better time to release a game and get maximum attention than the Spring right before summer vacation?  Perfect if you ask me.  Plus, it won’t require me to wait most of the year to play this.  The post also listed a replica sling backpack like what Cole uses in the game.  Very cool idea.  I hope it’s sturdy and won’t fall apart on me in six months.  I know you guys are good for it though.  Also in this “Hero Edition” is a Cole McGrath figure, the game’s soundtrack (Amon Tobin??), a DC comic of InFamous, and a voucher for more skins, powers, and weapons.  Let me just say that I’m on board and very excited if true.

Also, any word on an Uncharted multiplayer beta like you did with the first game?  Actually, you know what?  Don’t worry about that quiet yet.  Focus on getting this game done and in our hands as soon as possible.  We’ll talk Uncharted 3 later.  Also, a little news here and there would help greatly as well.

Much Love,
Gamer Crash

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3 Responses to Finally, Some InFamous 2 News….Maybe

  1. James says:

    A May release would be very, very welcome. I was starting to think it would be held back for Christmas.

  2. gamercrash says:

    Yeah same here. There’s just so much coming out later this year including the 800lb gorilla Uncharted 3, so i’m hoping that Sucker Punch is closer to the end of this game than we thought.
    Come on May!

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