What’s Rare Up to These Days?

Besides catering to the Kinect and casual crowd, Rare seems to have slowed down significantly on their game design.  Before this turns into a “WHERE’S MY KI3” rant, I should point out the other great Rare franchises that have been left on the side line in favor of Wii Sports-like Kinect compilation packages and avatar items. 

I grew up in the height of the arcade glory days.  I remember vividly pumping quarters into arcade cabinets stuffed in dark, loud, and stale smelling locations.  With neon colors running rampant and the smell of metal coins prevalent, it’s here where one could indulge themselves in such competitive games like Street Fighter or any 90s racing game.  For me, a highlight of the arcade journeys was Killer Instinct.  Was it the best fighting game out there?  No way.  Street Fighter and the ‘Vs’ games ran circles around it, but it didn’t matter to me as KI featured interesting characters, a sweet announcer, and crazy combos.  Where else could you pit a shapeshifting ice man against a cyborg bent on human extermination?  Those days have long past and the franchise known as Killer Instinct has been long dormant.  15 years to be exact.

If you’re going to revive a fighting game, one would think this is the time to do it.  Just look at the wonderful Street Fighter 4 and you’ll see what can be done.  The fighting genre is going through a sort of renaissance with this console generation and with the ardent screams for more KI, there’s no time like the present.  Going further, can we expect anything significant out of Rare anymore?  Have they been regulated to quick minigame titles and avatar items only?  Where’s the Rare of the 90s that gamers adored?

From Perfect Dark, to Banjo, to their take on kart racing, Rare was a giant in the industry.  In its current form, they’re a mere shell of their former selves.  If you’re not going to be straight with us on what’s going on with your older franchises, you should at least put them out over Xbox Live like you’ve done before with Banjo.  Why not release Killer Instinct with HD graphics over Xbox Live?  At least that would give us gamers a little bit of hope that you have indeed not forgotten about us.  As for me, I’ll continue putting up my fliers around town in hopes of finding some answers about the lost studio.  I don’t hold much hope….

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2 Responses to What’s Rare Up to These Days?

  1. Brandan says:

    Yeah i don’t know what it is but games today don’t give the same…. I guess you could call it “edge” that their games gave me. I remember my first rated M game that will always be my favorite rated M game that “truly” deserves it’s rating (Call of Duty is kids stuff compared to this game) Conkers Bad Fur Day for the N64.

    • gamercrash says:

      Yeah I hear ya man. I’d love for Rare to return to some of their classics. Not sure if it’s them wanting to go into a new direction with the Kinect/Avatar stuff or if it’s Microsoft doing it, but I hope they do something in the future.

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