Tactical Assist – Fable 3 Demon Doors

New to Gamer Crash in 2011 is Tactical Assist, where I lend some help and give you some tips and tricks on tricky parts in games.  Stuck or confused in a certain section?  Need some advice to get by a certain area?  Tactical Assist is here to help.   As always, if you have any ideas for future editions of Tactical Assist, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email. 

First up is advice on opening those demanding Demon Doors in Fable 3.  While there may only be 6 of them in total, some of the requirements to open them can be tricky to figure out.  With my help, you’ll be rolling in delicious loot in no time. 

Find out how to crack open those dastardly doors after the jump…

Door 1: Mistpeak Valley
Location: At the bottom of the valley through a path under a wooden bridge.
Reward: Random Legendary Weapon
How To Open:
What may be the first door you come across, it also features an easier said than done task for some of you.  Basically, this door is kind of a perv and wants to see two heroes perform an expression of love.  Easy right?  Not so fast, you can’t use an AI person in the game, it has to be with a real person through either Xbox Live or local co-op.  For those of you too lazy, feel free to use the second controller method and just do it that way.  You’ll also need the Lovers Expression Pack from the Road to Rule, which costs a very small 5 guild seals.  Easy enough right?

Door 2: Brightwall Village
Location: Up the path to the right when you enter the town
Reward: 25 Guild Seals and 3 Summon Creature Potions
How To Open:
Another easy requirement door, though it will cause you to have new responsibilities in the game.  Specifically, this door wants to see parenting interaction between you and your child.  So you’ll either need to take the plunge and have a child or you can adopt one later on in the game.  Either way, you’ll have a new mouth to feed.  I was hoping to take the easy way out and lead a child to the door but no luck, you can’t bring random kids anywhere.  I totally didn’t mean for that to sound as creepy as it did.  Moving on… 

Door 3: Mourningwood
Location: In the swamps around the small town at the end of the area
Reward: Military Costume and a Summon Creature potion
How To Open:
This door hates war.  His solution is to use a weapon bigger than anything else to kill those who would wage war.  Fight violence with violence….interesting theory Mr. Door.  Either way, you’ll have to come back with a fully upgraded weapon for this door to reveal his treasure.  Basically, the Legendary weapons you come across in the game have three tasks that you need to perform to upgrade them.  Some are much easier than others and can be checked from the Armory in the Sanctuary pause menu.  This one will take a while to do, so it sucks that the reward isn’t better for it.  Ah well.

Door 4: Millfield
Location: In the hillside in the main section of town between 2 houses
Reward: 40 Guild Seals
How To Open:
In my opinion, the easiest door to open by far and strangely enough the most finicky.  This door complains of societies pursuit of beauty.  It wants you to break free and go in the opposite of what people like.  In english we’re talking ugly.  You’re going to have to go make yourself look butt ugly and also max out your weight.  Head to any meat/pie shop and just go stuff your face until you max out that meter.  When you’re about to purchase that mutton or pie, there should be an option to “Eat Now” so just make sure to do that when you purchase it for the best results.  Alright, with your obesity out-of-the-way, next head to the Sanctuary and change into your pyjamas outfit.  Make sure you also dye each part of the outfit a different color.  With that, the door should be horrified and open the way for you.  Now go on that diet you’ve been mentioning…
*If you’ve done all this and it still won’t open for you, head to the nearest house/inn and go to sleep.  When you awake the door should open up for you.  Weird glitch with this one.

Door 5: City of Aurora
Location: Main area in town
Reward: Random Legendary Weapon
How To Open:
This door is only looking for someone truly good or truly evil.  With the moral choices being to be made, I’m sure you’re already there or close to one or the other.  No half assing this one, it’s all or nothing for this door.  Easy enough.

Door 6: Sunset House
Location: Located off of the main path in Mourningwood, this door is near the ghostly mansion, Sunset House
Reward: 1 Million Dollars
How To Open:
Ok, I lied.  This is the easiest door to open in the game.  The only thing this door wants to see is a King or Queen and it’ll open.  This can be obtained naturally in the story, just remember to return here once you’re crowned.

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