First Annual Gamer Crash Awards – Biggest Disappointment of 2010

Part 3 of the First Annual Gamer Crash Awards features games that just didn’t live up to the hype this year.  These games may have not been total disasters, just games that failed to live up to the marketing and buzz around the industry.  Here’s the list, enjoy.

Bioshock 2
Ok, before I begin, let me first say that I enjoyed this game.  It’s not a bad game at all, it just didn’t feel as fresh as the original.  Overall, when I think of BioShock, I think back to the first game.  This one was fun but forgettable as the story line wasn’t nearly as good, and I guess the environment lost its mystique as we’ve been to Rapture before.  The inclusion of the Big Sister wasn’t as great in the end as they made it seem.  Originally, they made it seem like there would be one stalking you and randomly appearing through the game but turns out there was an army of them that appeared right on cue.  It did bring us the dual wielding aspect which greatly improved gameplay but in the end BioShock 2 just wasn’t as good as the first game.  The multiplayer was fun but wasn’t that innovative and didn’t have much staying power.

Alpha Protocol
Though I never played it (thankfully), I’ve read and seen enough to add it to this list.  Originally hyped as a Mass Effect style James Bond game, what we got was a unfun, buggy, flawed mess.  The AI is just absolutely stupid, as they’ll get confused and do things like climb ladders in the middle of a gun fight, shoot at walls, or not remember that you’re hiding behind a wall for cover.  It’s so bad it’s almost funny.  The boss battles are more frustrating and monotonous than anything else, and due to the many delays the graphics looked dated when it finally released last spring.  It’s too bad because a Mass Effect espionage style game would have been a lot of fun.  Too bad what we got was a game with great ideas, just flawed execution.

The Bug Riddled World of Fallout: New Vegas
As a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Fallout 3, gamers entered the Mojave Desert only to discover a game not properly tested for bugs, glitches, and issues.  Much was made about the game when it launched in October and the issues even caused some people to stop playing entirely.  Many reviewers even saw the game crash multiple times on them.  The good news to this story is that Obsidian has been quickly putting out patches to fix many of the issues so the game is much better now than it was in early November.  You know you have a problem when you see character’s heads spinning in a circle and theri bodies floating off chairs.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
Similar to BioShock, not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just that what made the first game great, got lost in this version.  It’s almost as if LucasArts worked so hard in correcting the issues of the first game, that they forgot to keep the strong elements as well.  While the game play is much more varied and the graphics are stunning, the story, which was probably the best aspect of the first game felt no where near as strong.  The game will also take you around 5-6 hours to complete without a real reason to do it all over again.  Still, it was a fun ride while it lasted, I just wish it lived up to the marketing and hype that preceded it.  Another sequel that couldn’t live up to the original.

Medal of Honor
After taking a long hiatus, EA brought back this franchise with a modern spin to try to take down the juggernaut that is Call of Duty.  With DICE handling the multiplayer and Danger Close working with real veterans on the realistic and gritty campaign, what could go wrong?  Well, apparently a lot.  The single player is only 5 hours long, it has a ton of scripted cut scenes during the missions, features little to no replayability, and the multiplayer is a sniper camp fest that quickly bogs down into a unfun mess.  There are limited maps and not much to the multiplayer side of things. 

Crackdown 2
A warning flag should have gone up when gamers found out that Microsoft only gave Ruffian 9 months to make a sequel to the fan favorite game Crackdown.  Ruffian did the very best they could under that crazy schedule and I have to commend them for putting out a fun game.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t do anything to differentiate itself enough from the first one.  The graphics are decent at best, the city is the same as you remember although they made it more rundown than before, and the missions tend to get repetitive after the first few times.  Transforming cars were removed and “freaks” were added in.  The game lost its charm midway through the campaign and unfortunately, the story wasn’t strong enough to keep you interested.  Here’s hoping that Microsoft gives Ruffian the time they need to put out a top-notch title next time.  With the flashes of brilliance they showed in CD2, they can certainly pull it off.

And the winner for biggest disappointment this year is….

Medal of Honor!

Yes, this one was pretty easy for me to pick as the amount of marketing and hype that was coming out for this game really made me believe that it had a shot at Call of Duty.  What I learned was to not believe the hype.  While working with real veterans who participated in Afghanistan provided a huge selling point for the game, what we got was sub par all around.  There was major texture pop in, too many scripted moments during the gameplay, and a campaign that was a brisk 5 hours in length.  The campaign did have its moments but for the most part it was really forgettable.  The sad thing is, Danger Close only had to work on the single player side.  How do you only create a 5 hour game with no replayability when for 2 years you only have to worry about 1 part of the game?  It’s mind-boggling.  Some of the best missions involved Dusty and Deuce, sneaking through villages and taking out enemies quietly.  They only occured twice and most of the time you played a faceless and voiceless army guy running and gunning through a brown landscape. 

The multiplayer I could write about for days and days.  While DICE handles the excellent Battlefield series, I expected this to be a very strong aspect to the game.  Unfortunately, the normal DICE quality just wasn’t there.  Matches quickly turned into camping sniper matches where each side just took pot shots at each other.  Not to mention, there’s almost no recoil on the guns so you could use a machine gun to basically kill someone on the other side of the map.  Speaking of the maps, there were too few often resulting in playing the same one over and over and each were very similar to one another.  There are plenty of better shooters out there so why waste your time with this.  Overall, not worth 60 bucks but I’d recommend it at a much lower price point if not just for the single player side.  While not really an award you want to win, I’m hoping that EA has learned somethings from this game and improve the inevitable sequel.

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