First Annual Gamer Crash Awards – Best Downloadable Content of 2010

Here’s part 2 of the Gamer Crash Awards.  Up now is the Best Downloadable Content of 2010.  To clear up any confusion, I’m including game add-ons and arcade games within this category.  Here are the nominees:

 Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare (DLC)
John Marston returns as a zombie infection invades the wild west.  Filled to the brim with single player content and additional multiplayer tweaks, this DLC will take you at least 6 hours to get through and much longer if you decide to do everything it has to offer.  For DLC, this is unheard of.  The amount of content packed in here is definitely worth the 10 dollar price point.  You’ll also reconnect with some friendly faces, get to ride the horses of the apocalypse, and even shoot a Sasquatch or two.  Did I mention you get to play as John Marston again against a zombie horde?

 Mass Effect 2 – Lair of the Shadow Broker (DLC)
Arguably the best DLC released for Mass Effect 2, this also represents the last of it.  We finally get to join up with Liara T’Soni on her quest to discover who the Shadow Broker is and also bring him down.  The story line is the best yet and you also gain access to some pretty great weapons as well.  Not to mention, the visuals are stunning.  Just wait until you’re outside on the Shadow Broker’s ship and witness the amazing maelstrom engulfing the planet.  You won’t want to move.

 Limbo (Xbox Live Arcade)
Released during the Summer of Arcade promotion over Xbox Live, this game brings a minimalistic charm unlike any game before it.  a side scrolling platformer, you help guide a small boy trying to find out what happened to his sister but soon realizes that the world he’s seemingly trapped in is filled with terrible dangers.  The game utilizes a grayscale color scheme and only minor sounds leaving the player on the edge of their seat the entire time.

 Plants vs Zombies (Xbox Live Arcade)
Coming over from the PC, Popcap brings its addictive tower defense style game where you put all kinds of crazy plants around your yard to hold off increasing waves of zombies that only want to eat your brain.  As usual, Popcap adds a heavy doses of cuteness, charm and humor and also even managed to make the controls feel great on a controller.  With a ton of game modes including Adventure, Co-op, Mini games, Versus, Leaderboards, and many others, this game will keep you coming back over and over again.

 Mass Effect 2 – Overlord (DLC)
Another fantastic adventure for Shepherd and the crew of the Normandy.  After checking out a research facility that has mysteriously gone silent, Shepherd discovers that the station has been taken over by an AI unit that is bent on escaping to other regions and causing chaos.  The lone survivor there paints a similarly grim tale of the station.  The Geth return as primary villain’s in this DLC for Mass Effect 2 and leaves the player uneasy on more than one occasion.  You just never know where the AI Overlord will appear.  Special mention goes out to the final sequence in the DLC.  It spectacular and extremely well done.

 Alan Wake – The Signal (DLC)
Leaving us with a large cliffhanger at the end of Alan Wake, The Signal arrived to help give us some answers and allow us to keep playing as the down on his luck author.  Not only that, it was a free download to those that purchased the game new.  How can you beat that?  More importantly, the game cranked up the creepy factor and reintroduced us to the fantastic “word” gameplay mechanics seen near the end of the game.  Who doesn’t want more Alan Wake?

So what’s the verdict?  Which piece of content above do I like the best?

It was a tough choice as all of the nominees above were excellent but ultimately I just had to give it to the outstanding Limbo.  Purely speaking, this game hits all the right notes and always leaves you guessing.  From its minimalist approach to the color and the sounds, the game gives you that creepy feeling that’ll make you want to push forward to find out what happens next.  The grayscale color scheme fits perfectly and is used so well.  While it’ll make you think, it’ll never frustrate you thanks to the wonderful checkpoint system.  The game gives you almost no back story at all and yet, it still manages to pull you right into its world and never lets you go.  That’s the sign of a fantastic game.

Limbo for Xbox Live Arcade

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