Kratos joins the Kast of Kharacters in Mortal Kombat

And now for some interesting news.  It appears that the upcoming Mortal Kombat game is taking a page from fellow fighter, Soul Calibur, and is going to include console specific characters.  Playstation’s God of War, Kratos, is joining the ranks as the PS3’s exclusive character.  I think it’s a fantastic fit as this is another way Kratos can satisfy his blood lust.  Since he’s effectively destroyed the entire pantheon of Grecian Gods, he needs some other way to let out all that anger, right?  I guess he’s not going to be available in the “Story Mode” but you can use him in anything else.  Who wouldn’t want to rip heads off with the God of War?  Helios knows what I’m talking about…

Not word on what the 360 is getting, and honestly, I can’t really think of any character that would fit like Kratos does on the PS3 side.  Epic’s CliffyB is pushing for Marcus Fenix to join, which is cool but still can’t see a guy that primarily uses a gun working in a fighting game.  What about General RAMM from the first Gears?  I know many of you are probably saying “MASTER CHIEF!” but I can’t really see that either.  Does Microsoft even have a brutal, combat oriented character?  What do you guys think?

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