First Annual Gamer Crash Awards – Favorite Wii Game of 2010

Welcome to the first annual Gamer Crash Awards, where I celebrate the best (and worst) of 2010.  It’s a 4 part awards ceremony  all December long!  Some notes about my picks: I’ve only selected games that I’ve played as I can’t really generate a great opinion on games I haven’t.  It wouldn’t be fair really.  So without further adieu, lets begin!

First up in the 4 part awards ceremony is Best Wii Title for 2010.  There was some fierce competition this year from the Big N.  They pulled out all the stops and delivered some high quality titles from original games to classics re-imagined.

And the nominees are:
 Donkey Kong Country Returns
Retro Studios returns to the gaming eye after their stunning work on the Metroid Prime series.  This time they’re taking the classic Donkey Kong Country series from the Super Nintendo and re-imagining the series for the Wii.  With a mastery of 2-D platforming, to the gorgeous graphics and the wonderful, yet classic soundtrack, DKCR has everything a Nintendo fan could want.

 Super Mario Galaxy 2
As a sequel to 2007’s fantastic Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendo has pulled out all the stops in making the game bigger, more challenging, and even more beautiful to look at.  From huge boss battles, to new power ups, and the return of everyone’s favorite green dinosaur, what more could you want on the Wii?  It’s Mario after all.

 Metroid: Other M
After a long hiatus, Nintendo (with help from Team Ninja) brings everyone favorite bounty hunter, Samas Aran back to her third person roots.  Taking place chronologically after Super Metroid, Other M puts a more personal spin on things as Samus now narrates and has a voice.  With great looking cut scenes, and fantastic gameplay, Metroid has never looked or played so well.

 Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Coming out of nowhere to charm and delight players with its fabric and yarn style world, Kirby returns back to his roots in classic platforming.  With the world now made out of every day fabrics, patterns, buttons, and many other materials, the game just oozes charm.  Local co-op makes a return as well as famous characters from the Kirby universe now “yarnified”.  Solid controls, beautiful stylized graphics, and wonderful gameplay make this a top contender.

 Goldeneye: 007
Bond returns from our nostalgic hearts in Activision’s version of Goldeneye.  Is it a remake or is it a reimagining of the classic N64 game?  Who cares, as the game is one of the best FPS games on the Wii.  With a more cinematic campaign, to online multiplayer, and finally the best split screen multiplayer on the Wii, Goldeneye has something for everyone.  Now who’s down for some slappers only on Facility?

So who takes it?  Which game reigns supreme as the Best Wii Game of 2010…..

Donkey Kong Country Returns!
Retro Studios has proven that they are one of the best studios in the industry.  When I saw this debut at E3 2010, I knew this would be the best game on the Wii this year.  I loved the original series back on the SNES, but Retro came in and completely smashed the older games.  The graphics are stunning (especially the too few silhouette levels), the controls feel spot on, and most importantly, the game is a blast whether you’re playing solo or co-op.  Even though the game continues with the high difficulty, it’s never enough to make you quit in a furious rage.  Not only that, they brought back the fantastic music from the original series, now slightly tweaked and cleaned up a bit.  If you own a Wii, you owe it to yourself to give this game a go.  Now how about you give Retro Studios the reigns to Star Fox, Nintendo? 

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