Speculation: Assassin’s Creed 3 Ideas

I’m a really big fan of the Assassin’s Creed series.  For me, it’s more about the games bringing specific time periods to life that most excites me about the games.  While the first one was a hot topic of debate in terms of the gameplay, no one could deny that running around in the Crusades Era was a blast and amazing.  AC2 brought us to the Italian Renaissance, to such places as Florence and Venice.  Not much needs to be said besides, ‘simply outstanding.’

While AC: Brotherhood is more of an additional story from AC2 centered in Rome, I wanted to speculate and brainstorm some time periods for AC3 when it eventually hits.  I love history so I couldn’t resist doing something like this.   I have no inside knowledge on the game or anything, just speculating.  To History!

Idea 1: Russia/Russian Revolution
Russia, a land rife with political and military unrest.  Two things essential to any great AC game.  There’s so much here that Ubisoft could use.  The first thing that comes to mind is the Communist Revolution near the end of World War 1.  The game takes place in 1916, you’re allied with the Romanov family and you struggle to help them stay in power until 1917 when the February Revolution eventually abolishes the crown. Maybe you are hired to take out Rasputin before he begins his political struggle.  Maybe you’re in the 20th century working to undermine the Communist government under Joseph Stalin.   You could also follow the story line from the comic book and deal with the repressive Tsar Alexander III during the late 19th century.

Issues with Theory:  Honestly, I can’t think of much.  Ubisoft has a comic coming out in November with the protagonist as a Russian Assassin so I mean, it’s possible. 

Chances of Happening: 80% – mainly because of the Comic Book coming out.

Idea 2: French Revolution/Napoleonic Era
This idea excites me the most and I believe is the most plausible.  Since it’s confirmed that Altair and his family moved west to Italy and settled there (descendants of Ezio’s family), why can’t the Auditore family move west again?  Italy and France indeed border each other after all.  What better example of civil unrest than the French Revolution.  Plenty of political and historical figures to interact with or assassinate, plenty of drama, and plenty of intrigue.  Join with the people in bringing down Louis XVI.  Help or try to stop the Jacobins from taking power and seeing Robespierre begin his Reign of Terror on the French populace.  Moving ahead a couple of years to 1795, Napoleon begins his rise to power.  What better opportunity to join with him and helping him defeat the royalists who want the power after the downfall of the Jacobins.  There’s just so much here, I could honestly write a few pages, but for now, I’ll stop here.

Issues with Theory:  Again, nothing really that I can think of.  The series is still located in Europe, the location is close to Italy, and there’s plenty of civil unrest in this time period.  Why not I say.

Chances of Happening90% – Only because I really want to see this time period happen. 

Idea 3: World War I/II
Another interesting time period.  You’re a special forces soldier behind enemy lines.  I’m picturing you as a British soldier, but you can really pick any Allied nation for either World War.  I will admit the modern era might be tough to nail down with planes, tanks, and guns, but there’s definitely enough happening that the developers could base a solid story around it.  In World War I you character could be apart of the Italian’s Arditi Assault Force.  These guys lead the way acting as the shock troopers, preparing the way for the main force.  Maybe you’re part of the famed British Commandos created by Winston Churchill during World War II.  Leading the way for the British Army and instilling fear into the enemies.  In an interesting twist, maybe you take part in Operation Valkyrie, the attempt by German officers to overthrow Hitler during the tail end of World War II.  Warning, that last idea most certainly would stir up controversy.

Issues with Theory:  Well, besides the controversy from my last idea, the only real issue I could think of is just the more modern setting itself.  The Assassin’s Creed series has been prominent in the pre-gunpowder years, so implementing tanks, airplanes and guns now would be an interesting issue to overcome. 

Chances of Happening: 50% – I’m a bit iffy on this one.  Most of the modern era ideas might be tricky to pull off in an AC game. 

Idea 4: Japan
Yes, you read my mind exactly.  Ninjas.  From a gameplay perspective it makes total sense.  Ninjas are stealthy assassins so it lines up perfectly with the series.  Running on rooftops, throwing stars, and taking out high value targets in an ancient Japanese setting simply would be fantastic, not to mention a total blast.  The Ninjas became scarce in around the 17th century so imagine that as your time period.  Working for or against the Tokugawa shogunate.  Betrayal from the Shogun leaves you on the run from his Samurai.  Are you listening Ubisoft?  Call me!

Issues with theory: Well, from the story standpoint, considering that the main protagonist is caucasian makes it a bit unlikely that he has Asian descendants. 

Chance of Happening: 5% – I’m holding out a little hope on this one.

Idea 5: American Revolution
From a historical standpoint, the 1770s would be an excellent place to create a story from.  The amount of civil unrest alone could promote great gameplay.  Plus the fact that Desmond is an American also provides a great opportunity.  Run behind enemy lines, working to take out that traitor Benedict Arnold, or receiving orders from George Washington himself.  Pretty cool right?

Issues with Theory: Well, the only thing I can really think of is the fact that the American “ragtag” army having some sort of stealthy assassin like group is pretty slim.  It doesn’t really fit with the time period even though the struggle could be a good backdrop for the story.

Chances of Happening20% – Not confident but could provide some good story moments.

What’s your take on it?  What time periods would you like to see in Assassin’s Creed 3?

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29 Responses to Speculation: Assassin’s Creed 3 Ideas

  1. Joe says:

    loving the Japan idea,
    i’ve being trying to think about the gunpowder part doesn’t really fit,
    have heard rumours about egypt wanted to know if anyone else has,
    last thing why in gods name did desmond kill lucy?

    • gamercrash says:

      Typical Ubisoft cliffhanger! I personally haven’t heard anything about Egypt but that could be a pretty cool environment. Funny though if they do go that route that it will be the third game I can think of in 2011 to feature sand as it’s defining aspect. Uncharted 3 and Spec Ops: The Line so far use sand as a major gameplay element. I’m still rooting for the French Revolution personally. Would love to run around 18th century France.

      • Joe says:

        Other speculation sites have mentioned something Shaun said at the very end about the all seeing eye and another symbol that come together in one place (technically two but anyway) America on one of the bank notes and the declaration of idependance. do you have any ideas about the temples desmond is meant to visit?

    • Aysia says:

      I’ve heard they want to do 2 more assassin’s creeds, on is going to take place after the extension of the 2nd one, where you are desmond and you have to find the 6th(which is supposed to be a direct descendent of Eve) and you save the world from 2012…and then the other one is supposed to be a female assassin and it’s suppose to take place in egypt and it revolves around the idea of the gods helping us build the pyramids and the secret message behind them…and as far as I can tell they made him kill lucy because 1. they didn’t want her on that journey with him 2. they didn’t want him to mistake her as the “her” that he is supposed to find or 3. they didn’t trust her because she was a spy or going to betray him…I’m not too sure those are just the reasons they might have made us kill her…I’m really liking both of the rumored ideas that I have heard tho.

      • gamercrash says:

        I could see many more AC games in the future once Desmond’s story arc is finished. In fact, without Desmond, that would open up future games to take place anywhere. Think of all the wonderful places we could visit in history. I wouldn’t mind playing out the AC comic series in a future game either.

  2. Zach says:

    Are you thinking masonic temples? Doesn’t seem as interesting as a temple in Europe. The symbols that you see came long before the Masonic fathers adopted them for their organization. So my guess would be that as Desmond and possibly Ezio, you would travel to the land of origin for those symbols.

    I would like to see if anything happens with the French though. Look at how much was happening with the French during the time period of the game, not to much the trouble you caused haha!

  3. gamercrash says:

    Alright, my vote goes towards America. Shaun mentions seeing a symbol regarding freedom and also sees a freemason symbol. He’s not able to reveal what that location is but obviously it’s gotta be America.

  4. Danny says:

    I think that it would be cool to place it in Industrial Revolution London. I don’t know what the story would be but it would be awesome to run around London!

  5. Josh Harvey says:

    This was a good read. I entertained all of those ideas for a while; but came to the conclusion that moving more toward guns, planes and tanks wouldn’t be in the true nature of Assassin’s Creed at all. I know it’s a toughy because of the way the use of guns became more prominent as time progressed, but I suppose it would be possible to either only move slightly forward on the time scale, or even backtrack due to the game being focussed entirely on another ancestor- that has information crucial to Desmond in the present day. Either way, I’d like the swords to stay. I must say that out of all these ideas, the French Revolution one appeals to me the most. It would be cool to scour the rooftops of Paris, and maybe move through France to places like Bordeaux, Calais, Mont Saint-Michel (as featured in the latest free AC:Brotherhood DLC), or even further South, closer to Spain itself where the big bad pope was from. I suppose being a Ninja Assassin in Japan would be pretty good, and the environments would be really quite spectacular- I just don’t see how it would fit in to the current events of Assassin’s Creed. But at the end of day, I guess Ubisoft could go anywhere, and do anything… without risking complicating the story too much of course.

    • gamercrash says:

      Thanks for reading, Josh.

      Yeah I completely agree. It’s kind of hard to visualize how an AC game would work with vehicles and guns. I’m not sure I want the gun mechanics from something like Fable 3 in an AC game.
      I would love to free run around the streets of Paris for sure, that’s still my first choice. While a game set in medieval Japan would be awesome, it just doesn’t fit the story at all. Maybe in a future version not related at all to this story line?
      I’m sure its coming, but I’d rather not have AC3 take place entirely in the future with just Desmond. I feel like the series is at it’s best when it allows you to explore history set peices like the 11th century Middle East and Renaissance Italy.

  6. bob says:

    I would LOVE ac 3 to be with ezio because if its assassins creed, its gotta be ezio!

  7. AssassinCreedBoy says:


  8. Brandon says:

    I’m voting for the French Revolution. After reading both The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Count of Monte Cristo, which take place around the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era respectively, I’m convinced of the time period’s potential for a great Assassin’s game. I’d love to see the main character track their target to a ball, requiring you to complete a scripted sequence to dance your way to your target and poison him or her as you pass them.

    • gamercrash says:

      You sir, should have your own development studio. That’s a great idea. I would love to eagle dive off the top of the Eiffel Tower. If Pandemic Studios could create a wonderful 1940s version of Paris in the Saboteur, then imagine what the development might of Ubisoft Montreal could accomplish. Hopefully we’ll find out more about AC3 this year.

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  13. Harry Robinson says:


    • gamercrash says:

      I have to admit, I completely forgot about the Vikings. I agree that this era would make for some great and exciting moments. While it looks like ACIII is going to be set in the 1700s, the good thing about this franchise is that even when Desmond’s story is over, you can still continue to explore the world they’ve created.

      All you really need is the animus, a lead character, and an ancestor to explore the world with. There’s really a vast amount of untapped potential here and Ubisoft could keep pumping out games for as long as they want. Should be interesting to see the direction they take after ACIII is done.

  14. Jacob says:

    It’s funny how he gave the American Revolution a 20% and that’s where Assassins Creed 3 is going to take place

    • gamercrash says:

      haha I know right? Back in 2010 I honestly couldn’t picture the series anywhere else but Europe. I figured they’d keep it in that part of the world and also I’ll fully admit that I was hoping for a French Revolution time period.

      With all the videos and information out for ACIII I’ll fully admit that I’m on board with the American Revolution setting they have lined up. It looks fantastic so far and is different enough not to feel like the previous games in the franchise so far. I”m looking forward to it.

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