I’m Commander Shepherd and This is My Favorite PS3 Related Article

Grab your N7 armor Playstation fans and prepare to scan some planets for minerals as EA and Bioware announced at Gamescom that Mass Effect 2 will grace the PS3 in January of 2011.  Long awaited and speculated, the rumor is true.

Not much will be different from the Xbox version ad it’s speculated that the Playstation version will come bundled with most of not all of the DLC that’s been released/will be released for the Xbox.

The downside for you PS3 players is that Mass Effect 1 will most likely remain an Xbox exclusive so the character and story transfer into Mass Effect 2 will not be available.  I’m betting that the mad doctors over at Bioware will come up with something else though to make up for it.

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5 Responses to I’m Commander Shepherd and This is My Favorite PS3 Related Article

  1. Nahuel F.A. says:

    I hope they come up with something to substitute Mass Effect 1 for us PS3 players, I really don’t want to jump into such a deep story halfway through it.. it just won’t be as fun.

    • gamercrash says:

      Yeah i would think they’d have to do something. The game is planned on being a trilogy so missing out on part one would be a big problem.
      Easiest solution that I can think of would be to maybe let players pick each scenario from the first game from a list at the very beginning and then maybe a quick visual recap after, or some explaination from a character?

      • Nahuel F.A. says:

        Yeah, they need to do something. An explanation would be the easiest probably, but not as satisfying for the players. I guess I still get the story, so it would work.. Maybe I should get off my ass and get the first game and play it on my friends Xbox, haha, that would be a win-win situation.

        • gamercrash says:

          haha yeah. Probably should do that before ME2 hits only because you’ll see that going back to the first game after playing the second one is virtually impossible. ME2 blows the first one out of the water, that the first one becomes a chore to play. It doesn’t hold up well.

      • Nahuel F.A. says:

        Good to know! Thanks man

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