Making The Case: Limbo

Limbo for Xbox Live Arcade

Welcome to “Making the Case”, a new feature on the Gamer Crash website, which hopes to assist you in making a decision on certain games.  Stuck on the fence about a game?  Fear not dear reader!  I hope to push you one way or the other.  I tell it like it is and you make the decision. 

First up, Limbo, a puzzle-platformer, for Xbox Live Arcade.  A game without much of a story or narrative at all.  Unlike most other games, Limbo doesn’t try to justify things like “replay value” or “multiplayer”.  This game is worth the purchase simply for the fact that it’s a completely unique experience unlike anything else you’ve ever played. 

You play a boy who can jump, run left, run right, and grab objects who’s looking fo his lost sister.  That’s about it.  It may seem overly simple but believe me, this game will suck you in.  You’re always on edge due to the creepy environment, the tense nature of everything trying to kill you, and trying to figure out what is going on and why.

Limbo is an absolutely beautiful game.  It’s minimalist style works perfectly only using a grayscale color palate and minimal sounds/music.  This is where the game shines.  The color scheme works perfectly in leaving you tense and instilling fear about what might be coming around the corner for you.  From dark caves, to hazy forests, and to industrial areas, the game’s art direction brings these areas alive and makes them look stunning.

Make no mistake, you will die a lot in this game.  Instead of a Trial by Error, it should be called Trial by Death.  The good news is that even though you will die quite a bit, the checkpoint system is very, very forgiving.  The platforming and controls are great. You’ll never question the game for a cheap death and it won’t matter because you’ll respawn right near where your character died.  Limbo fosters a sense of learning from your mistakes. 

At 15 dollars, there’s about 5-6 hours of gameplay here.  Normally I’d say the price is a little steep for the amount of content you’re getting, but I seriously have to make an exception on this one.  The fact remains that this game is simply stunning, will keep you immersed and having a good time.  The price of admission is definitely worth it to experience this work of art. 

Limbo is apart of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Summer of Arcade Promotion.  It’s available now on Xbox live for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15).

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3 Responses to Making The Case: Limbo

  1. Zach says:

    The story line of the game seemed overused at first but the gameplay certainly differentiates it from any other game in that genre. As I began to play the demo I was blown away with how simplistic the game was, not to mention the level of thought that needed to go into your movements/actions. You actually have to think and plan some of your moves…my numerous bad experiences with bear traps proved that haha! One of my favorite parts of the demo was trying to figure out how to get that massive spider to move!

  2. gamercrash says:

    That spider creeps the crap out of me. JOB WELL DONE!

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