Sunday Video Round Up: August 12 – 18

Sunday has rolled around once again and that means it’s time to recap the week of trailers and gameplay in the Video Round Up. Without further adieu, here’s just a small taste of what’s waiting for you below the break.

Wuith Gamescom just around the corner, EA and DICE fired the first shot (pun intended) and released a brand new trailer for Battlefield V. If you were disappointed with the first reveal trailer, this one will more than likely make up for it. Not only that, it gives you a brief but very interesting glimpse at the potential of Battlefield Battle Royale.

One game that I’m particularly excited to get my hands on is Marvel’s Spider-Man. Not only does it look like we’re finally getting a truly great open world Spider-Man game (it’s been far too long) but it looks to have plenty of fan service in it as well. Get a look in the launch trailer and a pretty interesting trailer featuring a conversation between J. Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker Patterson.

I’ve also got new videos for Hitman 2, Diablo III (Switch Edition!), Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and so much more after the break!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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Onrush Impressions – Mad Max Enters a Nightclub…

Onrush came out of nowhere for me. I got tuned into the game after seeing some beta footage and the words Burnout used to describe it. As one of my favorite arcade racers, seeing Burnout used to describe something in any capacity instantly gets my attention for better or worse.

onrush logo

Doing a bit of digging, I also found out that the studio behind the game is basically made up of former Evolution Studios members, the group behind Sony’s old Motorstorm franchise as well as DriveClub. Codemasters, another well versed racing company, scooped the team up after Sony closed the studio and gave them a new place to call home. That’s another game franchise that I loved so Onrush seemed like a safe bet.

Unfortunately, for me, the game kinda got lost in the shuffle due to E3, my vacations, and life in general. Based on sales numbers so far, it appears that I wasn’t the only one with this problem. This past weekend, the game re-entered my stream of consciousness thanks to a free weekend event on Xbox One, giving me an opportunity to essentially try before I buy.

So, was I enamored by the arcade action of Onrush? Read on to find out…

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What’s Left? Predicting the Final Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters

Nintendo is making Switch gamers extremely happy with everything they’ve discussed with Super Smash Bros Ultimate to this point. Even days later, I’m still in shock on how much content Nintendo is throwing into this title.

Is anyone else wondering where the series can go from here? Like, I don’t think a sequel is possible because what else could Nintendo do to top this one? I just don’t see it. But that’s for another time. Let’s focus back in on Ultimate here.

Based on everything we’ve seen so far, Nintendo seems intent on making fans happy. Many requested fighters have finally made it onto the roster like Ridley, King K. Rool, and Simon Belmont. What’s even crazier is that they managed to bring back every single fighter ever used in the franchise.

We do know that the character reveals aren’t over quite yet. With an already massive roster, who else could they possibly add? Well friends, here are some off the wall predictions as to who could take up those last few spots.

Don’t forget to stick around to check out some possible Echo Fighter predictions after my list and feel free to leave some of your best guesses as well.

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Sunday Video Round Up: August 5 – 11

*…bzzt…* Hey, hello? Is this thing on?

After an extended break due to the post-E3 malaise and the relative lack of major release in the month of July, the Video Round Up has returned from its long slumber! For the first time in a while, we had a number of exciting trailer drops which likely indicates that the marketing machine is in full steam ahead mode for the upcoming fall release cycle. So here are just a few of the videos waiting for you below.

After months of silence, Rockstar Games has finally pushed Red Dead Redemption 2 back into the spotlight. The first trailer in what appears to be a series of them introduces players to the world and our protagonists, Arthur Morgan. The six-minute footage has plenty of new gameplay to show off including some just jaw-dropping visuals.

As an added bonus this week, fans received even more crazy news regarding Super Sshas Bros Ultimate through a highly anticipated Nintendo Direct. Read all about it here if you’re interested, and then make sure to check out the trailers that released after it below.

I’ve also got new videos for Forza Horizon 4, Fallout 76, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and so much more after the break!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Continues to Defy Expectations

Guys, I’m speechless.

What Nintendo is doing with Super Smash Bros Ultimate is unreal. I have no idea where they go from here because they’re pulling out all of the stops to really make this the “Ultimate” edition that the name implies. They’ve seemingly left no stone unturned.

So as some of you may already know, Nintendo finally held their previously announced Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. They wasted no time by announcing a Castlevania crossover which adds Simon Belmont and Ritcher Belmont to the playable roster, a really cool looking Dracula’s Castle stage, Alucard as an assist trophy, and 34 Castlevania specific theme music. This includes classic tunes, remixed versions, and completely new music created for this game.

Oh, by the way, it was also revealed that Smash Ultimate is launching with roughly 900 tracks of music. According to Nintendo, this is about 28 hours of music. I can’t even comprehend that. Before today’s news, I was thinking how cool it’d be if Nintendo released a soundtrack for purchase, but now knowing the game has over 900 tracks…I have no idea how they’d releasing something that massive and manage to set a fair price for it.

Oh but that’s not all. Smash Ultimate also features over 100 stages, which dwarfs every other game in the series. The classic N64 levels are included here as well and not only that, the team is leaving the classic look in place which is pretty fantastic if you ask me. We also got a long look at Pokemon, Assist Trophies, and items, many of which are new to the series.

We got a look at some new Echo Fighters for Ike and Samus: Chrom and Dark Samus. For those who don’t know, Echo Fighters are basically premium skins for certain characters on the roster. They essentially have the same moves, but they may handle slightly different and feature different looks. It’s a better and more exciting way of handling duplicate fighters of the past.

Oh, and Nintendo left one huge reveal for the very end. In a fantastically self-aware and funny trailer, Donkey Kong and Diddy are hanging out in the treehouse when they hear a noise outside. A shadow of their arch-nemesis appears, hinting at a character that fans have been desperately wanting to see added for a long time. Hilariously, it’s just King DeDeDe playing a prank not only with the Kongs but with the fanbase as well.

Surprise! That’s when the actual King K. Rool appears and it’s confirmed that he’s finally joining the playable roster. No doubt some fans lost their minds at this point.

Have a look at the insanity here and try to tell me this isn’t exciting:

Frankly, I’m stunned at the level of effort Nintendo is putting into this game. Not because I didn’t think they could do it, but they’re just putting as much into it as humanly possible. Most companies would probably save half of this stuff as DLC these days, so it’s wildly refreshing to see a full and complete game launch on day 1. Seeing all of these hugely requested characters like Ridley and K. Rool finally make the roster is amazing as well, and really shows that Nintendo is indeed listening.

E3 2018 opened the door and got the hype train rolling while August 8 basically pushed the train into hype overdrive. With even more new characters and reveals still to come, I just can’t believe what I’m seeing. Nintendo is certainly setting a new precedence when it comes to content and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

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Now Arriving: Games of August 2018

Congrats on making it out of the gaming dead zone known as July. From here one, things are only going to improve as we begin our descent into the madness that is the fall and holiday release schedule.

I’ll also be honest with you and say that August isn’t going to blow anyone away with a constant stream of AAA releases, but it is certainly better than last month. Let’s take a look at some of the bigger names coming in August.

August is typically a sports-centric month and that remains true in 2018. Madden NFL 19 is getting ready to hike the ball in a week while Pro Evolution Soccer is getting ready to kick off its 2019 campaign.

Not into sports? No problem! The popular cooking party game Overcooked 2 is also on the way this month as well as the BioShock-ish action game, We Happy Few.

It also doesn’t get much bigger than World of Warcraft for PC players. The game is now 14 years old (insane!) and it’s getting ready to launch its seventh expansion pack centered around the age-old conflict between the Horde and Alliance factions. The fanbase has been recently ignited over a recent trailer which depicted a fan favorite character committing a very heinous act. While fans may be upset, it clearly worked as a marketing ploy and to get people talking about WoW again.

As always, check out the complete list of August games below the break. I hope you enjoyed the time off because things are about to get wild next month.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division Shield Guide: What They Are and How To Complete Them

After The Division 2’s mega reveal at E3 courtesy of Microsoft and Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s The Division is enjoying a sort of renaissance. As I’ve previously mentioned, I love what Ubisoft has been doing with the game, continuing support for it by adding in fixes, enhancements, and plenty of free content.

That support, along with obvious excitement for the sequel, is what is helping to keep the current game alive, along with a new system called Shields. Introduced back in June, Shields is Ubisoft’s way of adding a quasi-Moments of Triumph (Destiny reference) for players. Each shield features some sort of long-term objective which can be completed and turned in for rewards. Better yet, players get rewards for the current game and content for The Division 2 as well.

After launching the initial four in June, Ubisoft has slowed the release cycle way down, opting to launch 1 new shield each month until The Division 2 launches in March.

To help you get the most out of this Shield system, and even push through some of the more tedious ones, I’ve started creating video guides detailing each one and offering a few tips and tricks as well which you can find below.

PROTIP! Make sure to bookmark this page as I plan on keeping it updated as each new shield launches over the coming months. Enjoy and happy hunting, agents!

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