Saturday Video Round Up: September 10 – 16

Welcome to the weekend everyone! You made it and your reward is an all new edition of the Video Round Up. As usual, it’s bringing you all the best trailers and gameplay from the past week. So lets get to it, shall we?

I don’t know about you but the Assassin’s Creed Origins cinematic team needs a raise. They’ve been delivering consistently amazing trailers and this week brings us a brand new one. The latest trailer introduces the shadowy group known as the Order of the Ancients. While players will no doubt be learning more about these faceless antagonists in the game, the trailer makes it clear that they’re not a fan of you.

I don’t have a Nintendo Switch, but I’m constantly in awe of Nintendo’s level of quality and attention to detail with Super Mario Odyssey. Each trailer they put out impresses me and the almost 8 minutes of information they presented during this week’s Nintendo Direct was downright awesome. Whether you’re a Switch owner or not, check out the trailer below.

I’ve also got new videos for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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Top 5 Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Characters I Want To See

Since its reveal last year, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has been on a strange trip. The initial hype gave way to concerns from the community over things like the roster to the weird and somewhat ugly looking faces many characters had like Chun-li. Things have stabilized a bit somewhat, but leaks have seriously undermined the Capcom marketing department, revealing details which the company would like to keep quiet like additional characters and DLC.

While the gameplay looks to be extremely fun, ask most fans and they’ll tell you that the biggest issue facing Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is the roster. Obviously, Capcom has plans to fix the issue through DLC, which they’ve yet to officially reveal outside of Black Panther and Sigma.

So, with the game arriving next week, I thought it would be fun to kind of speculate a bit and reveal some of my personal favorite characters who I hope make the cut at some point and join the roster.

These are my top five characters, but what are yours?

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Destiny 2 Early Impressions – The One Destiny To Rule Them All?

Well, gang, the first major AAA title of the fall season is finally here, and it’s none other than Destiny 2.

The first game launched to a tremendous level of hype, part of which likely helped undermine it. Sure, the game stabilized over time thanks to downloadable content and numerous patches but overall I don’t think it was quite what everyone had in mind when it was first announced.

After spending a week with the game, pushing through its campaign and reaching its “end game” content, I do have some thoughts. Did Bungie finally capitalize and crafted the game fans expected all those years ago?

I can honestly say that…yeah, they mostly did.

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Saturday Video Round Up: September 3 – 9

For the time being, we’re out of the trade show/major gaming events after the conclusion of PAX West this past weekend. TGS is still to come later this month and we’re in the thick of major release season so there’s a ton of new video content to check out below. Here’s a small preview:

After a slow start, Rainbow Six Siege has gained a significant amount of momentum and player base at it nears it’s second anniversary. The latest expansion known as Operation Blood Orchid launched this week bringing with it an obscene amount of fixes, a new map, and three new operators to join its already diverse roster.

We’re now only a few days away from the concluding chapter of Corvo Attano’s arc with Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Though Emily and Corvo are on the sidelines for this one, players gain access to Billie Lurk, working with her mentor, Daud. What’s even better is the abundance of new abilities and powers to unlock and use.

I’ve also got new videos for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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Saturday Video Round Up: August 27 – Sept 2

Phew, well, that was an exciting update last week, wasn’t it? While GamesCom 2017 may now be at an end, the quality trailers continue to arrive. With September finally here and a mountain of AAA titles now descending upon us, there’s a lot of new content to get to in the Round Up, so here’s a small portion of what you’ll find below.

Well folks, one of the biggest releases of 2017 is only a few days away. That’s right, I’m talking about Destiny 2. To get you even more hyped for the next game in the franchise, Bungie released a couple of new trailers, one aimed at new players who may not know what the game is, and a live action trailer which really makes me wish there was some sort of live action series.

Want to know what’s next for Injustice 2? NetherRealm Studios continues their monthly trend of expanding the roster of characters by introducing Black Manta in the mix. Check his debut trailer for some seriously stylish moves.

I’ve also got new videos for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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Now Arriving: Games of September 2017

I hope you’ve prepared yourselves because September is the start of the fall/holiday rush of major AAA releases. There’s a ton of big-name games coming this month and into the rest of 2017 so here’s a peek at everything you can expect to see in the month of September.

Let’s be honest, the biggest name this month has to be Destiny 2, the sequel to one of the biggest and most hyped games this generation. While vanilla Destiny may not have been what everyone expected from the ambitious RPG shooter, Destiny 2 looks to make strides to rectify and improve the experience tenfold, starting with a heavy focus on story and world building. We’ll see if this is the Destiny game that everyone expected back in 2014.

Marvel and Capcom are squaring off once again in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, a game which has managed to divide the community since its reveal last year due to a roster that’s missing plenty of versus fighters like Wolverine and Dr. Doom. Still, the game is bringing back 2v2 fights enhanced with the infinity gems system not seen since the original Marvel Super Heroes arcade game.

Not to be outdone, Nintendo is bringing its Pokemon fighter, Pokken Tournament, to the Switch with new features and enhancements as well. I’d also be foolish to forget my girl Samus, as the bounty hunter is finally back in a classic 2D style game, Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS.

Want even more? There are a lot more titles launching this month so for the complete September release schedule, have a look below the jump…

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and the Power of Photo Mode

I’ve always been a big proponent of having a photo mode in games ever since that feature was first introduced. Being able to pause a game and grab images has been a ton of fun and easily one of my favorite things about this current console generation. I’ve been able to make a lot of great content over the years thanks in large part to photo mode, from videos like my Driveclub montage to fun posts right here on Gamer Crash. Here are a couple of links if you’re interested: Horizon Zero Dawn, Photo Album 1, Photo Album 2.

While the feature is nothing new to the Uncharted franchise, the recent release of The Lost Legacy has given me a new appreciation for the underrated game feature. While playing the other night, I came upon this just epic view of a local Indian village at night. While it’s unfortunate that the city was partly on fire due to a civil war breaking out, the contrast between the night sky and burning yellows and oranges of fire really struck me.

Here’s a photo. Don’t worry, no spoilers here as this image is taken from the very first mission in the game.

Now, many photo modes also give players plenty of setting and options to tinker with including special filters. Here’s the same photo, with a different filter applied to it.

This second image really struck a chord with me. I sat there staring at it in amazement. I was floored at just how different the same picture looks all because of a new filter applied to it. It’s fascinating how such a simple change like applying a new filter can completely change the context of a picture or cause people to interpret the same image in a completely different way.

With this deep red hue applied, it gives the image a whole new meaning. It’s almost scary in nature now, providing a more foreboding feeling or sensation. To me, this could easily be a screenshot pulled from some horror game.

By the way, not to suddenly shift the tone of this article, but Naughty Dog took an element from Horizon Zero Dawn and went a step further with it. Inside photo mode you can change Chloe’s expression during gameplay, but what’s cooler is that you can also do this during cut scenes as well. Needless to say, this gives you plenty of opportunities to create some really outlandish or wacky photos. No matter if you’re watching an incredibly tense, emotional, or contemplative scene, you can capture something like this:

or even this:

I’m curious though, have you ever messed around with filters and found something similar? Are you a fan of photo mode in games?

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