Coming Soon To A Browser Near You: The 2017 Gamer Crash Awards

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time draws near!

We’re now halfway through the month of December, which means that the release cycle is pretty much over, and studios have started to head off on winter breaks. Frankly, it’s the perfect time to start handing out some virtual awards for some truly excellent games.

Gamer Crash Awards

This year marks the eight annual Gamer Crash Awards, celebrating the past 12 months before we jump headlong into 2018.

If you’re joining me for the first time, here’s a little rundown on how things work around here. Being a one man show over here, while also trying to be a functioning adult human being, I simply don’t have the money or time like other major websites to play and review everything such as IGN or Gamespot. So that means that there’s going to be a few games that don’t make my cut. In fact, you won’t see any Nintendo Switch games nominated this year because I don’t own the system, even though I could have easily added a couple because we all know they’re fantastic. I mean, Super Mario Odyssey, am I right?

Like any review or impressions post I create, I can’t pass judgment on something if I haven’t spent time with it. It wouldn’t be fair, and frankly, I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that. With that said, I typically do an “amended” post sometime in January once I’ve caught up on my backlog, but for now, don’t expect to see every AAA game on my lists.

While you eagerly wait for next week, he’s a little recap of the nominees and winners from last year:

2016Best SoundtrackBest CharacterDownloadBiggest SurpriseGame of the Year; Amended Awards

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5 Things I Want From The Division 2

It’s been a while since I ventured back into the bleak world of The Division, most likely since Last Stand, the final expansion, launched. That changed this past weekend thanks in large part to a free to play weekend and the fact that Ubisoft and Massive recently launched update 1.8, which is arguably the biggest non-expansion update to date.

The Division header

Hearing about all of the quality of life changes and the addition of a massive new zone, I was intrigued. I was happy to see that even though Last Stand was the last official expansion, Massive continues to tweak and make the experience better at this point as 2 or 3 big updates had launched since I left. I was all too happy to see so much new content, much-needed improvements, and overall found myself settling back into a game which I had previously spent a lot of my time. Kind of like putting on your favorite pair of pants.

With The Division going free to play this past weekend to coincide with the mega huge update 1.8, I couldn’t help but start thinking about where Ubisoft could take this franchise. Considering how well the game sold and continues to be supported by the community, I’d imagine a sequel is very likely.

So let’s have a bit of fun and start looking ahead to some of the features and changes I’d love to see in a potential sequel.

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Sunday Video Round Up: December 3 – 9

This week is really the perfect example for why I ultimately moved the Round Up to Sunday. This week was a big one in the industry as a couple of major game events happened. On my old schedule, the article would have been posted early Saturday morning, essentially cutting off the PlayStation experience content. While there wasn’t a ton of major surprises, there’s a couple of new videos from the show waiting for you below.

Obviously, the biggest thing this week was The Game Awards, an annual event put out by Geoff Keighley to essentially celebrate the best games from the past year. Not only does the event hand out awards, but the show has also become a spot to announce all sorts of new games or release “world exclusive” trailers. Since this is a ‘Round Up’ I’ve gathered each and every announcement for you below. Enjoy!

I’ve also got new videos for Metro Exodus, Bayonetta 3, Fornite Battle Royale, and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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The Game Awards 2017 Reaction Post

Crazy to think that it’s almost the end of 2017. Where did the time go?

Since it’s December, fans should be well aware that the PlayStation Experience and The Game Awards do a great job of providing a bit of excitement before the new year kicks off. Last night annual Game Awards event kicked off and as expected, the show revealed a ton of new games and trailers.

the game awards logo

So, let’s have a recap of what was announced as well as some off the cuff thoughts by yours truly.

Honestly, I’m less concerned with the details surrounding who won what award so I’m not going to cover any of that here. Let’s get to the meat of the show and react to all of the trailers and announcements!

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Happy 30th Birthday Mega Man! Here’s A New Game

Well, you can certainly file this announcement under the “I didn’t see this coming” category.

During a week when most companies are preparing big announcements for The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience, Capcom got out ahead of them all to hold a little celebration for the Blue Bomber. After all, it’s his 30th birthday and sadly, the franchise has been pretty dormant for the past few years.

While we got cool announcements such as the Mega Man X franchise finally coming to PC and current consoles (not sure if they’re doing it as another anniversary collection like they did previously), Capcom likely shocked many folks when they officially revealed Mega Man 11.

While not expected for release until late next year, the game sheds the retro aesthetics that Mega Man 9 and 10 brought back for something a little more modern. Mega Man 11 opts to go for a 2.5D look and feel, keeping the classic side-scrolling gameplay and pairing it with 3D models. The game’s still super early, so most of the other details aren’t known yet though I’d imagine players will still be facing off against 8 themed robot masters.

As excited as I am to see where this goes, did anyone else get a Mighty No. 9 vibe from the trailer? Remember how much hype that game had, considering that Keiji Inafune tried to deliver a Mega Man style experience to fill the void that Capcom didn’t appear to be willing to fill? Here’s hoping that Mega Man 11 doesn’t share that same fate, yeesh.

As a lifelong Mega Man fan, I’m thrilled a new game is coming. Even more than that, I’m over the moon that Capcom is once again interested in bringing this franchise back.

During the reveal video, they showed Mega Man running through his history starting in 1982 and all the way to now. It was really fun revisiting all of the games that encompass the entire franchise while also jamming out to iconic tunes. What really hit me though was when Mega Man ran through the past seven years: they were completely empty. Those were certainly dark times in his legacy with all of the cancellations, false starts, and general apathy. I’m glad the series is able to move forward once again.

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Saturday Video Round Up: Nov 26 – Dec 2

Aaaaaaand the Round Up has returned after a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Before we dive into this week’s batch of videos, there’s a little housekeeping matter to discuss. Since we’re now into November, that means the Round Up is actually winding down right alongside most of the games industry. Can’t have a round up when there are not videos and trailers, right?

So all in all, this is probably going to be the second to last Video Round Up of 2017. I say that because next week is obviously the Game Awards, an annual event that features a ton of new reveals and trailers. It should be a good time, so make sure to come back for that one. After that, the Round Up will be on hiatus until January. Filling that gap though is my annual Gamer Crash Awards, where I hand out imaginary awards to some of my favorite games of the p[ast year. I’ll have more on this soon.

Okay, with that out of the way, on to the Round Up!

I continued to be enamored with the new look of Shadow of the Colossus. Sure, it’s a remake of a remake, but Bluepoint Games appears to have taken a lot of the game back to the drawing board. A new developer commentary goes into detail on those new animations and visual details at work by a few of the folks at the studio. Not only can you see the game in action, but you’ll get some great insight as well.

I’ve also got new videos for Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos awaits you after the jump…

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Now Arriving: Games of December 2017

Well, here it is folks, the final month of the 2017 calendar year. Typically, December is viewed as a time to catch-up. A month where players use to not only catch their breath from the whirlwind release schedule of the past three months but to finally get a chance to play many of those games.

The trend this year is largely the same as it has been, though the truth of the matter is that December does hold a few gems as well.

The biggest of them all this month is likely PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which finally enters into the Xbox One Game Preview program. The unstoppable force from the PC hopes to have the same effect on console now, which has since been dominated by its closest rival, Fortnite. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing if the game can translate that PC momentum to console, or if Fortnite has had too much of a lead to this point.

For you PlayStation fans, a number of collections for popular games you may have missed are finally being released as well including the complete edition for Horizon: Zero Dawn and Dead Rising 4 which captures all of the previously released content from the former Xbox One/PC timed exclusive. Okami HD is also making its grand return, sporting updated visuals and 4K for you premium console fans.

As expected, it’s a down month for video game releases. Still, there are some interesting prospects out there for those of you looking for new things to try. Also, don’t forget that I’ll be unveiling my annual Gamer Crash Awards this month, so make sure to stay tuned for those!

The complete release schedule for December 2017 awaits your eyes below. Enjoy!

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