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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Season Pass Detailed

Ubisoft announced last week that their upcoming pirate inspired game, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, will also have a season pass available for players who want to get a discount on the game’s upcoming DLC. And yes, you’re right, that … Continue reading

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5 Minutes of Awesome: BioShock Infinite Burial At Sea Gameplay

I don’t know about you but it seems like a long time ago that BioShock Infinite finally released. Personally, I loved the game so the prospect of getting more single player content to play through (and set in Rapture no … Continue reading

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Battlefield 4 Beta Impressions

Initially, I was going to pass on the Battlefield 4 beta simply for the fact that I assumed the experience would be better on next generation consoles and high end PCs. Simple minded attitude, I know. Even with that mindset, … Continue reading

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Bungie Giving Gamers Access To Destiny Sooner Than You Think

If you’re like me then you can’t wait to get some hands on time with Bungie’s new franchise (and first since leaving Halo to 343) Destiny.  It’s certainly an ambitious project mixing a lot of elements together such as loot, space travel, … Continue reading

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11 Minutes of Terror: The Evil Within Gameplay

It’s never too early for Halloween, right? With October bearing down on us and holding the title as “scariest month of the year” Bethesda and Tango Gameworks have pulled the curtain back a bit more on their upcoming horror game, The … Continue reading

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Rockstar Unleashes Even More GTA Online Details

Looking at the calendar, it looks as though we’re less than a week away from the launch of the very ambitious Grand Theft Auto Online. With the time ticking down, Rockstar has revealed more about the online mode and what … Continue reading

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Rayman Legends Impressions – Putting Mario On Notice

Coming from the NES era of gaming, I’m a sucker for good platformers and Rayman Origins definitely scratched that itch for me back in 2011. I was floored with the beautiful world, catchy music, and rock solid platforming controls. I … Continue reading

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Warning! Do Not Install Grand Theft Auto V’s ‘Play’ Disk On Xbox 360

While the Grand Theft Auto V reviews hit the web hard yesterday, more news also came out which you Xbox 360 players may want to know. While the game requires an initial 8GB mandatory install, you should take care to not install … Continue reading

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Metro: Last Light Scares Up Some Survival Horror With DLC Pack 3

“Well, I’m out.” That’s what I said to myself when I read about the new DLC which releases tomorrow for Metro Last Light at $3.99. That’s not to say this content sounds awful, it’s just more to do with what it features … Continue reading

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Diablo III (Console) Demo Impressions – Getting Back On Track

By the time I had wrapped up the campaign in Diablo III on PC, I found that my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. I had dumped countless hours into both the original Diablo and it’s sequel on PC when … Continue reading

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UbiArt Framework Branches Out With Valiant Hearts: The Great War and Child of Light

One of the big reasons why Rayman Origins and Legends are so enjoyable is because of the gorgeous engine powering both games bringing the vibrant and lush environments to life. Known as the UbiArt Framework, it almost like designers are … Continue reading

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Tactical Assist: Splinter Cell Blacklist – Spies Vs Mercs Tips and Tricks

Spies vs Mercs is a beloved game mode that took some time off but has since returned in the recently released Splinter Cell Blacklist. This cat and mouse style multiplayer is pretty different featuring one team as spies in third … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It: Watch_Dogs Open World Gameplay

One thing Ubisoft has done a great job of with its new IP, Watch_Dogs, is to show off gameplay. The thing is though, we’ve seen a ton of mission based objectives. What we have here is 14 minutes of open … Continue reading

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5 Minutes of Awesome – XCOM: Enemy Within Walkthrough

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a game I came into relatively fresh. I was aware of the XCOM franchise but I hadn’t played or seen anything from it before. As I dug deeper into Enemy Unknown’s tactical combat, I found myself … Continue reading

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BioShock Infinite – Clash in the Clouds DLC Impressions

Well, this is some DLC that I didn’t see coming, especially when you consider that it’s for a game like BioShock which is strongly narrative and environment focused. I wouldn’t place “combat” or “gunplay” as the defining or even primary … Continue reading

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