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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Gets a Release Date

Friends, March is shaping up to be another crazy month for games as Konami recently announced that the first part of Metal Gear Solid, Ground Zeroes, will be launching on March 18, 2014. Ground Zeroes will be launching for the … Continue reading

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Updates on Super Time Force and Below – Finally!

It’s (unfortunately) been a while since we’ve heard anything about Capybara Games’ upcoming titles Below and Super Time Force, two titles which I’m eagerly anticipating. Thankfully, we got a little more detail out of them yesterday. With next generation consoles on … Continue reading

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Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC Detailed

While EA and DICE continue to chip away at the server issues and crashing that currently plagues the game’s multiplayer, the content keeps rolling on for the first person shooter. China Rising is the next expansion and is coming sooner … Continue reading

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BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Part 1 Impressions and Thoughts

It’s been a while, but the original BioShock developers are taking us back under the sea where it all started in this downloadable content pack for their first person shooter, BioShock Infinite. The magnificent city of Rapture is back on … Continue reading

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12 Minutes of Awesome: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Walkthrough

After being teased, poked, prodded, and being fed “Moby Dick Studios” for a good half a year, Konami and Kojima Productions are finally giving us more and more looks at their upcoming next entry in the Metal Gear Solid series. … Continue reading

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12 Minutes With Xbox One – User Interface Demo

Well here it is. The major shot from Microsoft with the Xbox One. If you’re still a bit skeptical or want to actually see the system in action, the following video is for you. In it, you’ll see how the dashboard … Continue reading

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Aliens Invade The Call of Duty World with “Extraction”

Here’s something I never expected to write: Aliens are coming to Call of Duty. That’s right, Infinity Ward is adding a new “Extraction Mode” to the upcoming Call of Duty Ghosts which treads closely to the very popular Zombies mode … Continue reading

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17 Minutes of Awesome: Batman Arkham Origins

With Batman Arkham Origins launch worldwide today, why not celebrate with 17 minutes of gameplay? Here we’re treated to 17 minutes of sweet Batman gameplay on a guided tour from the developers themselves. You’ll be able to see some of … Continue reading

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Prepare to Drop! Titanfall Release Date and Collector’s Edition Detailed

In a surprise move yesterday, Respawn Entertainment revealed that it’s upcoming shooter, Titanfall, will be hitting store shelves much sooner than you think. You’ll be able to finally get your hands on this widely acclaimed and awarded game on March … Continue reading

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Tactical Assist – Grand Theft Auto V Bounty Missions Walkthrough

Ever felt the need to channel your inner Dog the Bounty Hunter and track down some bail jumpers? Grand Theft Auto V lets you live out that fantasy as you track down these reprobates dead or alive. I guess it … Continue reading

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False Start! Watch_Dogs and The Crew Delayed Into Spring 2014

Blindsided would be an apt word to use here as Ubisoft announced yesterday that their highly anticipated open world action game, Watch_Dogs and open world racer, The Crew have been delayed into the Spring 2014 window. What’s so surprising about … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto Online Impressions – Taking The Heist Online

Upon my first entrance to this online playground, I found myself walking along a main road heading to my first story-esque objective. In the distance, I could see another player screaming down the road in what looked to be a … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Season Pass Detailed

Ubisoft announced last week that their upcoming pirate inspired game, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, will also have a season pass available for players who want to get a discount on the game’s upcoming DLC. And yes, you’re right, that … Continue reading

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5 Minutes of Awesome: BioShock Infinite Burial At Sea Gameplay

I don’t know about you but it seems like a long time ago that BioShock Infinite finally released. Personally, I loved the game so the prospect of getting more single player content to play through (and set in Rapture no … Continue reading

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Battlefield 4 Beta Impressions

Initially, I was going to pass on the Battlefield 4 beta simply for the fact that I assumed the experience would be better on next generation consoles and high end PCs. Simple minded attitude, I know. Even with that mindset, … Continue reading

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