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Friday Release Announcements: Grand Theft Auto V and Dying Light

So, I wake up early on a Friday morning and am rewarded with a couple of release dates for some highly anticipated titles. After announcing Grand Theft Auto V was coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (finally), Rockstar … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Slinks Back Into The Shadows Until November

Surprising news from Ubisoft hit yesterday as they announced that the highly anticipated next gen Assassin’s Creed title, Unity, is leaving it’s October 28 release date for a couple weeks. November 11 is the new target date in the US (Nov … Continue reading

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Know Your Developer: Ragtag Studio

A relative newcomer to the scene, Ragtag Studio is currently a three man team formerly from Wideload Disney and are currently working hard on their upcoming game, Ray’s The Dead. If that title sounds familiar, it’s because they were part of … Continue reading

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Shovel Knight Review – Digging It’s Way To My Heart

I grew up on Mega Man. The little blue robot going up against themed enemy robots spoke to my childlike heart and captured my imagination. I couldn’t get enough even though those games were as hard as nails for a child … Continue reading

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Former Panamanian Dictator Takes Activision To Court

Well, you can certainly file this one under the term “unusual.” Ex-Panama dictator and recently released inmate, Manuel Noriega is suing Activision over his likeness being used in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. According to a court document reported … Continue reading

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Grab Your Battlesuit Because Battlefest Hits Battlefield 4 Tomorrow

Need something to do during the hot and barren months of the gaming year? EA and DICE are looking to lure you back to Battlefield 4 during their Battlefest promotion. Starting tomorrow, players can log in for double XP which … Continue reading

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Discussion Mondays: Early Access Games at Retail

With as much controversy as “Early Access” type games are causing these days, one thing I’ve never thought to consider is how the discussion would change or intensify if these titles were sold at retail. Currently, they’re available digitally on … Continue reading

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