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Thoughts on The Taken King From A Former Destiny Player

I wanted to believe in Destiny. On paper it sounded wonderful. A game that let you hop from planet to planet in an epic space saga, battling unique enemies, teaming up with friends, and gathering loot to customize a unique … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Six Siege Delay And The Shifting Holiday Release Schedule

It finally happened. The first game that’s planned for release during the holiday rush this year was finally delayed, something gamers should be used to at this point in the year. Last year alone saw a number of titles fly … Continue reading

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Day Dreaming: Building A Mega Man Level Creator Game

I won’t lie, lately, my head has been in the clouds. With Super Mario Maker finally on the horizon, I’ve been thinking how much freedom and creativity that game actually gives to it’s players by letting them mess with established … Continue reading

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Five Outlandish Nintendo Predictions for 2016

It’s Monday, the start of a new week. With GamesCom now behind us, the news has somewhat slowed here as we crawl our way into the fall rush of games. What better time than now to make some wild and … Continue reading

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Sweeping Changes Coming to Destiny: The Taken King Including Everyone’s Favorite Ghost

“That wizard came from the moon!” Fare thee well, Dinklebot. You had an uninspired but good run. For those who may have missed out on the news, Bungie detailed a staggering amount of changes coming to Destiny when The Taken … Continue reading

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The End – Dissecting Batman: Arkham Knight and It’s End Content

I decided to dig up a long and forgotten series from years past rather than do a traditional “review” of sorts for Rocksteady’s final Arkham game, Batman: Arkham Knight. For those not familiar (and I don’t blame you considering this is … Continue reading

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Soundtrack Central: Best Music From Early 2015 Part 1

It’s been a while since we’ve cranked up the volume here on soundtrack central and with me away on vacation and half of 2015 already over, I figure there’s no better time than the present. For those who don’t know, … Continue reading

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