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Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings Review – Tomb Raiding

Dead Kings wasn’t on my list of things to do. After enjoying my time with Unity (even with its issues), I was ready to move on from the game. The story wrapped up, I felt content on where the journey ended, … Continue reading

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CD Projekt RED Stands Tall Against Paid DLC With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

There’s absolutely no shortage of downloadable content for games these days. Add-ons, expansions, pre-order bonuses and additional optional purchases are all a standard of the games industry potentially resulting in consumers easily spending as much as another full priced game … Continue reading

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Far Cry 4 and The Wrath of Nature

Ask anyone out there what they love about Far Cry 4 and you’ll probably get a slew of different answers all ranging from things like the crazy characters you come across, being able to explore the open world, to the … Continue reading

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Predicting The Future of Amiibo

Just based on current trends, it would seem Nintendo has a powerful money making tool on their hands these days with their ‘amiibo’ figures. Created to provide additional gameplay opportunities in certain WiiU games like Mario Kart 8 or Super … Continue reading

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The “Amended” Gamer Crash Awards

As some of you may know, I have a lengthy backlog of games and only a small window of time in which to play. That’s one of the disadvantages of becoming a functional adult human being. If you read my … Continue reading

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The Interesting Rollercoaster Ride of Assassin’s Creed

It’s kind of crazy to see how many Assassin’s Creed titles have been released since the very first release back in 2007. The franchise is so popular that it’s moved to an annual release cycle and is now one of, if … Continue reading

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GamerCast: Looking Ahead At 2015

So here we are, 2015. Happy New Year everyone. In a long standing tradition, it’s time for the GamerCast, my not so clever rebranding of a “FutureCast”, something a weatherman uses during the nightly news to show you what the … Continue reading

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