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Amy Hennig Joins Visceral Games to Lead Star Wars Project

I was going to write about Amazon’s just revealed set-top Android powered streaming/gaming device, Kindle FireTV, today but frankly, I find the following news item way more intriguing, especially when you consider her pedigree and what she brings to that team. Former … Continue reading

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Titanfall Review – Standby For Excellence

Certain games evoke a particular response from players almost like we’re one of Pavlov’s dogs. Upon hearing or seeing a certain cue, players are then expected to feel a certain way. In Titanfall’s case, upon hearing the phrase “Your Titan is … Continue reading

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BioWare News: The Doctors Check Out While More Mass Effect Checks In

Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk, the guys that co-founded RPG powerhouse BioWare, announced yesterday that they’re retiring from the industry much to everyone’s surprise.  It seems this has been in play for a few months though to the … Continue reading

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