2015 Gamer Crash Awards

December is here once again and that means it’s time for the Sixth Annual Gamer Crash Awards where I pick my favorite games and content of this past year. Think of it as a sort of celebration for gamers.

As always, I’ve put together multiple awards for the games I’ve been able to play through this year. No sense in trying to form an opinion on something I haven’t tried, it just wouldn’t be fair. I’m returning the Awards back to the earlier style where I’m actually going to pick a winner this year instead of just picking a bunch of favorites like I did last year. There was a ton of great stuff this year and I even added as WiiU category since I’m now a proud owner of that console as well.

The categories may not surprise you from year’s past and the unlock system works the same as well. They’ll each unlock on the day listed below with my final Game of the Year unlocking on December 31.  So take a look around!

Best WiiU Game Dec 3
Biggest Surprise Dec 10
Best Downloadable Content Dec 17
Best Character Dec 23
Game of the Year Dec 31

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