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Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta Thoughts and Opinions

I don’t have the data or numbers from the closed beta this past weekend but from all of the social media discussions, forum posts, twitch streams, and YouTube videos that spawned out of it, I’m more than willing to call … Continue reading

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My Concerns Over The Division

It’s a well known fact among my group of friends (and maybe here as well) that I’m all in on The Division. The initial CG and gameplay trailers captuired my imagination and I’ve been carefully following the game’s long development … Continue reading

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Predictions and Hopes for Nintendo in 2016

Compared to Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo remains an enigma. Just a few years ago, Castle Mario was a powerhouse of fun, getting families and friends together for some intense nights of virtual bowling. Now, the tables have turned and the once mighty … Continue reading

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Video Games and Psychological Conditioning

Having grown up with video games over the years, I find it amazing how conditioned I’ve become when presented in certain game situations. There are environments and gameplay moments that simply make me react a certain way even though the game … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed Jack The Ripper DLC Impressions – Ripping Good Fun

Truth be told, I’m not a big DLC sort of guy these days. By the time meaningful content drops for a game, I’ve either grown tired of playing said game or have moved on to something else entirely. Not only that, … Continue reading

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Sorting Out The Joys And Frustrations Of Just Cause 3

This post would have been much different if I had written it the week of release rather than now. Some of my feelings are highlighted in this previous post I had written, so make sure to check that out for … Continue reading

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Good Idea, Bad Idea: Assassin’s Creed Edition

For those of you that have been coming here to crash for a while now (thank you!), you may have picked up on the fact that I have a sort of soft spot for the Assassin’s Creed franchise. For me, … Continue reading

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