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Emergent Storytime With Mad Max

Welcome back to Emergent Storytime dear friends, where you and I sit around a metaphorical campfire and share stories of emergent gameplay and some of the random and crazy things that can happen in our favorite open world games. Last … Continue reading

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Is It Time To Return To Destiny?

Since its release last year, Destiny has proven to be a divisive game among video game fans. Some where immediately turned off due to it’s grind heavy end game content¬†and a lack of cohesive story. On the other hand, the … Continue reading

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Destiny Related Court Documents Detail The Sad Fate Of Its Story

What are Guardians? Whoa! Why is there a giant metal orb floating over Earth? Why are all these aliens trying to destroy us? What’s up with this Darkness thing and why is everyone so afraid of it? These are but … Continue reading

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The Gameplay Melting Pot of Call of Duty Black Ops III

Much like the diversity of the United States of America, Call of Duty Black Ops III also has a sort of melting pot of game mechanics going on. After spending some time with the Call of Duty Black Ops III … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The Taken King From A Former Destiny Player

I wanted to believe in Destiny. On paper it sounded wonderful. A game that let you hop from planet to planet in an epic space saga, battling unique enemies, teaming up with friends, and gathering loot to customize a unique … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Six Siege Delay And The Shifting Holiday Release Schedule

It finally happened. The first game that’s planned for release during the holiday rush this year was finally delayed, something gamers should be used to at this point in the year. Last year alone saw a number of titles fly … Continue reading

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Day Dreaming: Building A Mega Man Level Creator Game

I won’t lie, lately, my head has been in the clouds. With Super Mario Maker finally on the horizon, I’ve been thinking how much freedom and creativity that game actually gives to it’s players by letting them mess with established … Continue reading

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