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Saturday Video Round Up: January 3 – 16

Happy New Year everyone! Hope your holidays were bright and merry and as the gaming companies awake from their slumber, so to does the Video Round Up! This is the weekly series that captures all of the best trailers and … Continue reading

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Predictions and Hopes for Nintendo in 2016

Compared to Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo remains an enigma. Just a few years ago, Castle Mario was a powerhouse of fun, getting families and friends together for some intense nights of virtual bowling. Now, the tables have turned and the once mighty … Continue reading

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Video Games and Psychological Conditioning

Having grown up with video games over the years, I find it amazing how conditioned I’ve become when presented in certain game situations. There are environments and gameplay moments that simply make me react a certain way even though the game … Continue reading

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GamerCast: Looking Ahead To 2016

Happy New Year everyone, welcome to 2016! It’s time once again to dust off that old forecaster as I dig out my long standing tradition called the GamerCast, aka my not so clever rebranding of a “FutureCast” which is something … Continue reading

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Now Arriving: Games of January 2016

Happy New Year everyone, it’s 2016 and time for a fresh start. Thanks for stopping by the site after what I’m assuming was a raucous night last night. Am I right or what? January is typically a slow month and … Continue reading

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Gamer Crash Awards 2015: My Game of the Year

Here it is, the final award! If you need a refresher on the previous winners this year, make sure to click here. Well folks, we’ve reached the end of 2015. So before we jump into the new year and experience … Continue reading

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Gamer Crash Awards 2015: Best Character

Not sure what The Gamer Crash Awards are? Want to see a list of all the winners so far? Catch up here! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! My present to you is the next award for Best Character of … Continue reading

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