The Inquisition Grows! More Dragon Age Content Now Available

From what I’ve heard, Dragon Age Inquisition is an absolutely massive game. In addition to featuring a lengthy campaign, the game also comes packed with side content, collectibles, things to fight, multiplayer, and places to explore, that realistically, you could lose hundreds of hours of your life to Bioware’s latest. I’m looking forward to dropping into this game once I clear out some of my backlog as I want to just absorb this world without having it compete for time with something else. So that’s my excuse.


If you’re someone who needs even more content on top of the default package, then you’ll be happy to know that Bioware has released some new DLC for Inquisition.

The first is a free update to Inquisition’s multiplayer mode known as Destruction. This update adds additional paths on the various maps for you to explore and also adds wildlife which has a chance to help or attack you. Hey, more cannon fodder for your badass mage, right?

For you single player purists, you may be interested to know that a Deluxe Upgrade pack is available for ten bucks. Essentially, this pack gives players who opted for the standard edition of the game, the chance to grab the content from the deluxe edition. In it, you’ll be getting flame based weapons, a bog unicorn mount, multiplayer chests, the game’s soundtrack, Red Hart Halla mount, and the Skyhold Throne.

All this stuff is available now on your platform of choice. Happy hunting Inquisitors.

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Grab Your Ski Mask! GTA Online Adding Heists

Early yesterday Rockstar announced that the much anticipated Heist missions for Grand Theft Auto Online would be coming early in 2015. The cheers and cries from the masses could be heard for miles.

It’s been a long time coming as originally Heists were a planned addition for the game last April but hit a snag and slipped into the summer which ultimately again fell under the radar with a TBD listing. For those of you that have played Grand Theft Auto V, these missions will feel familiar as a group of four players plan, execute, and escape multi-tiered heists across the city. They were some of my favorite moments from the core game so it’s great to see them finally get added into the online component.

Based on information and screenshots, it appears these heists will incorporate many different types of vehicles from jets to helicopters, to aircraft carriers. Yeah, I’m curious to see that one myself. If you want to get the nitty gritty details behind what happened to this mode, definitely have a look at this interview up on IGN.

In case you were curious, when Heists are finally added, it’ll be for the great price of free across all platforms. The better news is that Rockstar also put together a brand new trailer to give you a glimpse as to what you can expect and even maybe to build the hype meter back up. Enjoy!

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CapcomCup Shows Off Street Fighter V Gameplay And Character Tease

After Street Fighter V leaked early and then it’s proper reveal at the PlayStation Experience a couple weeks back, Capcom took the stage at their own event this past weekend called CapcomCup, which also marks the final stop of the Capcom Pro Tour circuit. Sixteen players fought it out in Ultra Street Fighter IV over a prize pool of $50,000.

The big news for attendees however was getting more Street Fighter V details straight from Capcom. While the gameplay trailer remained what we had seens before featuring a fight between series veterans, Chun-Li and Ryu, the big tease came at the end showing off Street Fighter Alpha fighter and Guile’s buddy, Charlie.

Outside of the character tease, Capcom also announced a partnership with Sony to brnig CapcomCup back next year also featuring a prize pool of half a million dollars. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Might be time to brush up on your combos again before next year, eh?

Capcom also showed off Street Fighter V in a live stage demo so if you want to see the game played in real time rather than through an edited trailer, click here. Street Fighter V is due out sometime next year for PC and PlayStation 4 systems.

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Saturday Video Round Up: December 7 -12

As we inch closer to the end of 2014, it’s fair to say that the trailers will be slowing to a crawl. This week may not be as robust as last week’s Video Round Up, but as usual, I’ve collected the best gameplay and trailers of the past week and put them all here for you to enjoy. Lets have a quick look at some of the videos waiting for you below the jump.

You’ve seen parts one and two, now finish off the three part gameplay footage by finding out what’s waiting for Batman at the end of his Ace Chemical’s infiltration. The wait just got so much more difficult as Batman Arkham Knight is due next June. Time to start developing a time machine.

Need a better look at Turtle Rock’s multiplayer game, Evolve before it hit’s store shelves in February? A brand new gameplay trailer is now available showing off the game’s fictional world, Shear.

I’ve also got new videos for Dragon Age Inquisition, Dying Light, Mario Maker and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos await you after the jump…

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Gamer Crash Awards 2014 – Biggest Surprise Games

I just love putting together this list as it incorporates games which vastly exceeded my expectations in some way or another. This can range from games that I took a shot on or games which I thought would be good but turned out much better than I imagined. For me, it’s one of the best feelings of being rewarded for taking a chance on a title you may not be 100% sure about. Make sure you don’t miss these 2014 gems!

Here’s my list for biggest surprises of 2014.

And the winners are…

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Exclusivity Deal Explained?

It’s fair to say that Microsoft and Square Enix received a lot of flack due to some of the vague and confusing messaging regarding Rise of the Tomb Raider being exclusive to the Xbox One when it was announced. As we all are well aware, the term “exclusive” doesn’t quite mean what it once did, typically resulting in games or content releasing for other platforms after a certain duration of time. Companies like to hide this fact as much as possible in order to get people to buy in to their product instead of waiting for it to release elsewhere. From a business standpoint, it makes sense. From a consumer standpoint, it’s frustrating. 


With this Tomb Raider sequel, we may have gotten out answer earlier this week as to it’s platform status. For you PlayStation players, the news is potentially grim.

Aaron Greenburg, head of games marketing over at Microsoft, confirmed via tweet that they are publishing Rise of the Tomb Raider. Not only that, Square Enix also confirmed that publishing is being handed by Microsoft who will also help market, promote, and support development efforts as well.

With Microsoft now fully involved with the game, it’s quite unlikely that Rise of the Tomb Raider will see the light of day on a Sony console. Best case scenario that I see is the same fate as Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 in that it releases on PC six months to a year after release.

Don’t feel too bad about the news PlayStation fans as Nathan Drake would like to invite you to his adventure next year. The good news is that you’ll definitely get your treasure hunting fix if you need one.

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15 Minutes of Awesome – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End PSX 2014 Gameplay

This past weekend was pretty jam packed with content if you’re a fan of games and to be honest, if you’re currently reading this article, I’d have to assume that you are in fact a fan of games.

On Friday, Geoff Keighley introduced us to his new awards show: The Game Awards, which turned out to be a marathon four hours of awards, music, and reveals. It was a little too long for my tastes and some of the awards they handed out were, in my opinion, a bit unnecessary, but we did get to see some pretty cool reveals like Metal Gear Online, The Legend of Zelda WiiU gameplay, The Witcher 3, more No Man’s Sky, and more The Order: 1886 gameplay to name a few.

Sony was also celebrating their 20 years of PlayStation with the PlayStation Experience show taking place in Las Vegas this past weekend. Celebrating all things PlayStation, there were also some big reveals like the news that a new God of War is coming, Street Fighter V is being developed for the PC and PS4 exclusively, and other PlayStation exclusive news and details for titles such as Uncharted 4.

After being teased this past June during E3, Sony felt the time was right to finally reveal fifteen minutes worth of gameplay right from the PlayStation 4 title. Picking up several years after Uncharted 3, our fearless treasure hunter, Nathan Drake, is now retired from that lifestyle. Nothing comes easy to reformed thieves however as he’s soon forced back into his old lifestyle in order to track down a mythical pirate’s treasure. The gameplay demo below shows off a number of key elements such as traversal stealth, exploration in lush vistas, and of course, third person cover shooting. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’re going to have a lot to love. Again, the attention to detail Naughty Dog places on their games is just unreal even in this demo gameplay.

While we don’t have a solid release date yet on (what is to be believed) Drake’s last adventure, Naughty Dog did confirm that it will be in players hands in 2015. For now though, feel free to drool over this gameplay footage.

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