Where’s My Video Round Up?!?! (And Other Assassin’s Creed News)

If I’ve done my job right this past week, then you probably didn’t realize that I was on vacation and off-the-grid, unless you know me then this post is already spoiled. I made sure to have enough interesting (I hope) content lined up for you this week to keep you distracted. That is until today rolled around.

You see, the Saturday Video Round Up has been a staple here at Gamer Crash for about as long as I can remember. It’s a feature that takes an entire week for me to put together and as you can now guess, I wasn’t around to actually assemble it. So I humbly ask for your forgiveness and instead would like to present to you a brand new video from the Assassin’s Creed team as they detail some of the new features coming for their new next-gen only Assassin’s title, Unity. Hey, one video is better than no videos, right? Enjoy!

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My PlayStation Share Photo Album

It’s kind of odd yet funny in a way. One of my favorite aspects of the PlayStation 4 is that silly little share button on the controller. I find a sort of joy in capturing screenshots or videos while playing. To that end, you could easily call inFAMOUS Second Son an enabler as they added a photo mode to the game which made capturing screenshots so incredibly easy and fun. It’s one of the more simpler elements to the console and yet, it’s also one I find so compelling.

With that said, I figured I’d take some time now to share with you all some of the screenshots and videos I’ve captured so far including content from Watch_Dogs, Transistor, and a few others. It’s such a simple yet fun feature to the console. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Captured Videos

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Beginner Tips: Using the Xbox One and PS4 Record Features

To me, one of the best aspects of this new generation of systems is how easy they make capturing video. For those of you who have been playing games for a while, I’m sure you can pinpoint a few times where you do something great or see something totally crazy happen in a game and only wish you could have somehow recorded the moment to show other people. Thankfully, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now make this dream an easy reality.

I’m using these features quite regularly (probably more than I figured I would), but I will admit trying to use these features successfully was a little obtuse at the beginning. Certain aspects of these sharing features were either not explained well or just not documented clearly enough. So, in an effort to provide some community service to you all, I figured I’d lend a helping hand and share some tips for both systems. Come back tomorrow for a look at what I’ve captured so far.

Have anything else you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments.

Xbox One
I have to hand it to Microsoft, they really made the video capture process super simple and thankfully it’s been well documented and talked about from the beginning. Being able to record video clips on the Xbox One was a natural and fun process. What the system doesn’t do as well as it’s PlayStation counterpart is capturing screenshots. It’s a little more in depth than just pressing a button, but we’ll get tot hat. For now, the following tips will be your best friend for capturing that epic moment on the Xbox One.

“Xbox, Record That”
The phrase that everyone with a Kinect should know, saying this particular phrase will record the last 30 seconds of gameplay for you. So if you do something cool and you want to share it, say that phrase and it’ll be yours to keep and then upload via Upload Studio. Granted, now that Xbox One can ship without Kinect, this phrase will only be available to those with a sensor (obviously).

Snap Upload
Lets say you want to record something longer than 30 second. For that, you’ll need to first boot up the game and then snap the Upload app. If you have a Kinect, you can say the phrase “Xbox Snap Upload” as well for the same effect.


Once that is done, you can start recording and either have the timer run out after 5 minutes or stop the recording at any time. Unlike PlayStation, Xbox (at the time of this writing) records up to 5 minutes of gameplay. For you voice activation fans, the commands to say are, “Xbox select, Start Recording” and then “Xbox select, stop recording”.

Keep in mind that to switch windows, double tap the middle button on the Xbox controller. You’ll also want to save your video clips in the Upload DVR as unsaved gameplay clips do have an expiration date on them.

PlayStation 4
Honestly, out of both systems Sony’s console is the one that seems to have the most questions surrounding video capture. Sure, we all see the big “Share” button on the controller and capturing cool screenshots is a breeze, but how do you capture video? Let the following tips guide you!


This one is a little obvious considering that there’s a button on the face of the controller named “Share”. It’s through this button where everything happens.

Pressing the button once will bring up the share menu screen which will allow you to change your share settings, broadcast gameplay, upload a screenshot, or upload a video. That’s all well and good, but where do I record?

The PlayStation 4 is always recording you. Sounds freaky I know, but let me explain. In the share menu, pressing the square button on your controller will actually save the last ‘X’ amount of gameplay you just played. X in this case represents the amount of time you have specified in the share settings, so by default, it’ll be the last 15 minutes of gameplay.

Let’s say though, you know something cool is coming up and you want to be proactive about recording. Not a problem. Double tap the share button and the system will start recording from that point forward up to the amount of default time you specified for your share settings. To end the recording, just press the share button once and press square to save it to your hard drive. *IMPORTANT* Keep in mind that by doing this, it’ll overwrite your last 15 minutes of gameplay that was being recorded at the time.

So as you can see, even though it’s not explained terribly well on the console, taking screenshots and videos on the PlayStation 4 is incredibly easy.

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Soundtrack Central: Late Spring 2014 Edition

With so many games hitting retail shelves, I figured I’d time to take a look back and pick out a few more with some great music. To me, a game’s soundtrack is a pretty underrated component. Not only can a poor soundtrack bring down the entire experience, in some cases, it can even elevate the core game. In any case, who doesn’t like some catchy and excellent audio?

So prep your ears and crank the volume as a trio of awesome soundtracks await you below.

Fantastic Chicago cityscape shot

I won’t lie, I didn’t expect much from the soundtrack on this one with the focus squarely on the game’s open world and gameplay moments but over the course of my playtime with it, the soundtrack really began to grow on me. It’s not a soundtrack that immediately stands out, but meshes with the gameplay really well. Since this is a game that deals with hacking and technology, you’ve probably already guessed that the music leans towards the electronic side, which would be accurate. From what I’ve found, Brian Reitzell’s score is dripping with atmosphere and tension, fitting extremely well with the action taking place on the screen.

Recommended Tracks:
Ghosts of the Past
Creepy Caller

shovel_enemiesShovel Knight
I had an inkling that this title would be featuring a special soundtrack and I’m going to have to pat myself on the back with how right I was. Composed by Jack “virt” Kaufman with assistance by Mega Man 1 composer, Manami Matsumae, the Shovel Knight soundtrack taps into the very best chiptune music giving the game a very classic and retro feel. The songs are catchy and will be stuck in your head long after playing. There’s no better example of this than Strike The Earth! which is chiptune music at it’s finest. In fact, I’m still humming this out loud almost on a daily basis. The same can be said for pretty much the entire soundtrack to be honest. If you enjoyed the music from the NES/Genesis/SNES era, you’ll find a lot to love with this one.

Recommended Tracks:
Strike The Earth!
An Underlying Problem
La Danse Macabre
Flowers of Antimony
High Above The Land

Honestly though, the whole thing is amazing in my opinion. The good news is you can listen to the whole thing and even purchase it if you like. Make sure to click here.

Brought to life once again by Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett, Transistor takes on a whole different sound than it’s predecessor in Bastion. Gone are the western inspired trip hope sound, replaced by a beautiful rock and roll sound complete with driving beats, orchestral moments, a touch of electronic synth and powerful guitars. The music of Transistor plays a major role in the game almost walking the line hand in hand with the gameplay on the screen. There’s not really much else I can say about it beside go listen to the whole thing right now, it’s fantastic.

Recommended Tracks:
Old Friends
We All Become
The Spine
Apex Beat

Just like Shovel Knight, the entire soundtrack is definitely worth a listen. Click here to experience the magic.

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Shovel Knight Review – Digging It’s Way To My Heart

I grew up on Mega Man. The little blue robot going up against themed enemy robots spoke to my childlike heart and captured my imagination. I couldn’t get enough even though those games were as hard as nails for a child like me at the time. It’s that love of Mega Man which Yacht Club Games managed to tap directly into when they announced Shovel Knight back in 2013, A blue knight armed only with a shovel going up against eight themed knights? It was like they were speaking directly to my inner child.


Is Shovel Knight a wonderous stroll down memory lane or should it just be buried? Full review after the jump…

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Saturday Video Round Up: July 13 – 19

Another Saturday has rolled around and that means it’s time for an all new edition of the Saturday Video Round Up! Bringing you the best video content from the week that was. Alright, enough with the introductions, lets just dive into this week’s batch of trailers, okay?

The big news this week came from the House of Mario as Nintendo revealed four new characters being added to the already large Smash Bros roster, 3 of which will be playable. If you’re a fan of the Fire Emblem series and a particular Captain who likes to race, then I think you’ll be pretty happy with the trailer below.

If you’re heading to San Diego Comic Con this year, you’ll want to make sure to check out the “Assassin’s Creed Experience” by Ubisoft. In addition to checking out their next game, Unity, you’ll also be able to run a parkour course which aims to make you feel like an assassin. It looks pretty awesome and if I was going this year, that might be my first stop. Check out the course and video below.

The next chunk of DLC for Battlefield 4 went live this past week for Premium members, called Dragon’s Teeth. Aiming to bring back the gritty urban warfare to the game, DICE released an action packed launch trailer for the DLC which you can get your eyes on below the jump.

I’ve also got new videos for Rainbow Six Seige, Shadow of Mordor, Hyrule Warriors, and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos await you after the jump…

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Destiny Beta Update: Where’s The Moon Wizard?

The Destiny Beta has kicked off for PlayStation users (with Xbox to follow next week) and players have been exploring the wasteland looking for gear and leveling up their characters. I think the biggest question on people’s minds however isn’t where to get the best loot, but more along the lines of ‘Is that wizard still from the moon?’

The answer my friends is…well, yes, but you won’t be hearing about it.

That’s right, the much talked about lines from Peter Dinklage’s character in the Destiny Alpha are no more. Bungie promised the lines would be reworked after the Alpha and indeed they have. In the following clip, you’ll get a good listen at how Bungie not only updated the lines but managed to enhance the audio effects making Peter’s ‘Ghost’ character sound more robotic. While the lines are exactly the same, he does sound more like an AI with a sort of robotic filter over the spoken words.

Honestly, I never really had a problem with the lines in the first place. Considering he’s suppose to be playing an emotionless AI companion, I felt like the lines were delivered exactly as expected. The filter definitely doesn’t hurt things in my opinion, but I will say I’m sad the fan favorite “moon wizard” line is no more. At least Bungie acknowledged it, right?

So what do you think? If you were unhappy with the lines before, does this satisfy you?

The sleuthing and video comes from the good folks over at CVG:

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